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Vivid Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection

Have you ever had an out of body experience i.e. astral projection? Here is segment from a hypnosis session I facilitated and what my client's ''Higher Self'' energy had to say in reply.

Jo: She has always been a dreamer, but lately she has been having very vivid dreams, what can you tell her about that?

HS: She likes to travel, she does it in her dreams, she is not afraid. She will travel all over the place and across dimensions.

Jo: She was curious about astral travel out of body experiences, we all do it, but I can remember and experience it consciously and she can’t. She wants to know why that is, and how she can start remembering and experiencing it consciously?

HS: No. She has to learn how to meditate first and then we will let her astral travel. She can travel through her dreams and come back, but she will not astral travel until she learns how to ’get in touch’’. (sighs) It is waiting for her!

Jo: Well is there any reason that some people are allowed to astral travel and consciously remember it and others aren’t?

HS: Some are very afraid. They don’t understand, they don’t have faith in the spirit world, so we will not let them. It would leave them confused. People misinterpret things all of the time and make judgements.

Jo: Does it also depend on whether our vibration is high or low when we float or roll out of our bodies?

HS: Absolutely. You are an old soul.

Jo: And quality is more important than quantity in terms of experiences for people isn’t it?

HS: It is your state of mind at the time. You need to be more relaxed and quality will come.

Jo: If people want to astral travel would keeping a dream diary beside the bed be a good start?

HS: Absolutely. She kept a dream diary and it made many changes to her life. The more that you remember the more you will be invited. You need to remember to increase your familiarity to stop the fear. Fear is the worse thing for humanity.

Jo: In astral travel some people get fearful or even excited when they leave their body and this can draw them back in to the body doesn’t it?

HS: Yes, they are not grounded enough. No fear. We are all waiting!

Jo: And when we have these experiences is it important to share what we see and learn with others?

HS: Yes, the internet can be a wonderful thing. To raise the consciousness of humanity.

Jo: Humans are quite fascinated when it comes to ‘’leaving the body’’.

HS: Just always remember you are attached to the silver cord, you can never get lost. High vibration, awareness, no fear, safety and familiarity are all very important.

Jo: As the vibration of the planet increases will more humans be able to do this consciously?

HS: Yes they will but there is still a while to go yet as there is still a lot of fear. Religion has tainted belief systems. They will get a shock! (laughs).

Jo: What is that shock? When the veil begins to thin and they discover they can leave their bodies?

HS: That is one shock. The other shock is when they transition they will realise that there is nothing to be afraid of, there is no hell, that they are reincarnated and have had different times when they go back, they will be surprised. They have an innate sense that is very difficult to let go of. The seed is there but they won’t let it ‘’mature’’.

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