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Does Money Slip Through Your Fingers?

My client wanted me to ask his ''Higher Self Energy'' why when he has money, it always seems to slip through his fingers? Do you have a pattern of taking one step forward and two steps backward financially? Read on to see what his higher self told him in reply.

Jo: Another question he has was why when he does occasionally have money it always seems to slip through his fingers.

HS: That is like our lesson before about thought. Thought is creating energy. If one thinks and ponders on for example in this case money and having lack thereof and having come from no money as in the case of him it will create more of the same energy. We spoke about practice before. It is the practice of feeling the energy of having money or rather abundance in life. Money is but an illusion it is not real, if one can understand that concept, managing or manipulating rather that energy would be much easier for anyone. It is the same as other energies also.

Jo: Well money is only just paper I suppose. So if there is something we humans need like food or a roof over our head, should we do something like visualising or imagining that we already do have it, would that help bring what we need to fruition?

HS: Yes. Although there are a natural order of things and things naturally fall into place if one is able to manipulate one energy, you are able to manipulate multiple energies simultaneously.

Jo: So it is important that we have positive thoughts about money and abundance?

HS: It certainly helps yes but the key is to understand that money is not real, it is only an illusion. It is manifested on earth as people see it is a necessity and also part of the law of man. So there are natural laws and laws of the spirit but one should need to understand the illusion that it is not real and when you do understand that, things will fall into place.

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