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Our Soul Groups - The Characters in Your Life

My client had me ask her Higher Self Energy about the people in her life i.e. her soul group. They could play a permanent role or just an in and out role in your learning experience in this lifetime. Read on to see what her higher self told her in reply.

Jo: She wanted to ask a little about her soul group and whether she has more souls yet to meet?

HS: Yes they will come along in an allocated period of time. She will know them by her ‘’reaction’’ to them. In our soul groups – some are that come to ‘’love’’ you and some are there to ‘’teach’’ you.

They then bring things to fruition for the development of that souls growth. If life was always easy, we would never never know what true happiness was if you had never experienced sorrow.

Our soul groups are huge and vast. Depending on where we are at any given time, our soul development will then help shape those who come into our lives. What could possibly happen or probably happen are all dependent on our choices. She has had many many human lives.

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