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There are many reasons for fatigue. Our bodies are all at different spiritual levels vibrationally. It could be the past, the present, emotional, evironmental or our energy being drained. That is what is so enlightening about having your own Quantum Healing Hypnosis session - we are tapping into your own ''higher self'' and finding out the answers just about ''you''. I asked my client's Higher Self Energy about why ''she'' was fatigued and this is what is said.

JO: Why is she experiencing fatigue and tiredness currently?

HS: One of the reasons she is so fatigued is because she has worked in the same field in a previous life. She feels like she is repeating over again. Maybe that’s why she chose this career in her current life – for safety. She can choose it again if that’s what she wants to do but she doesn’t ‘’need’’ to do it again. If she continued doing it she would be successful but would she be fulfilled? Depending on the mental state that SHE chooses. She can do anything, anything.

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