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Finding Happiness

Past lives are a helpful tool to provide us pieces of the puzzle about our lives we are living today. My client was shown the lifetime where she was a man who was a ship captain and spent a lot of time on the ocean. When he was on the ocean he yearned to be back on the land. When he was on the land, he wanted to be back on the freedom of the seas. I asked her Higher Self Energy why it chose to show her that lifetime and how it relates to her life today. Here was the reply.

Jo: Why did you show her the first lifetime of the young man on the ship who when he was on the sea wanted to be back on land and vice versa?

HS: It doesn’t matter where you are, what you are doing, you can find happiness no matter where you are. Always wanting to be somewhere else is what creates misery. Enjoying the moment is what is most important.

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