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Peanut Allergy

During the hypnosis session I facilitated for a client of mine, I asked her "Higher Self Energy" why she had a peanut allergy. The answer that came was something that took us both by surprise!

JO: She also can’t eat nuts in this life, her lips swell, she gets itchy and can’t breath properly. What can you tell us about that?

HS: Fallacy and illusion we create in our minds , so much that effects our bodies and that is part of the journey to understand the power of the mind and the connection of the mind, body experience. This had been her journey from the seed that was planted about a nut being a dangerous thing.

JO: Was that when she was a child, she said when she was younger she saw a boy in hospital choke on a peanut. Does that have something to do with it?

HS: Yes indeed it did. That was the seed ‘’we’’ planted for her to generate the mind, body connection.

JO: So that was an important lesson for her to learn in how strong the mind and body connection can be?

HS: Yes and to understand that the human stories generate human behaviours in ways of living life that don’t always come from what we can see as a bad place. Sometimes we need to live out the stories that we have for our own understanding. Many many humans are playing roles that they have created in their minds to learn and live the lessons that are part of their incarnation.

JO: That makes sense. So for her it was a mind body connection and an important lesson for her. Is that that same then for all the young children these days that now have nut allergies or is it for different reasons?

HS: Yes it is a reflection of our ….’’waving a flag’’ to the sensitivity of the new children so that institutions and more hard minded teachers and adults and people in relationship with children can start to view children differently. They can see them as ‘’sensitive beings’’. We are trying to bring an understanding or sensitivity and be valued of beings of love and light and sensitivity to their environment so that humans may take the environment much more seriously. Nuts are just a form, a vehicle!

JO: That is amazing, I have never thought about it that way before. Well I don’t think the humans have got that message into their skulls yet.

HS: The children are coming to make change. They are coming to create an understanding that we are far more than physical and that our environment is part of us.

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