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Difficult Childhood & The Sense Of Not Belonging In One's Family

Not all people get to have an idillic childhood each and every lifetime. Sometimes you may have had a very turbulent upbringing. However we are always learning and growing spiritually through experience. During his hypnosis session with me, my client's "Higher Self Energy" gave him wisdom from a much higher perspective.

JO: Another thing he wanted to know is why he feels like he really doesn’t belong in his family, he feels he is so different from them!

HS: Oh he is! That was set up for him, it was part of his plan.

JO: In what way?

HS: His role is to be a beacon. His family already look up to him even though they don’t show it but their time will come as it is a lesson for them to learn also. One must not become something unless they have experienced becoming something else. The hardship of his upbringing has enabled him to see situations or to read situations from a different point of view now. He would not of been able to learn that skill unless had he not experienced hardship, rejection, the feeling of not being loved, the feeling of loneliness are all part of the learning process.

JO: It is hard experiencing those things as a child though. Is that something he can leave in the past now and start to enjoy his life more?

HS: Yes, he is already on the way. He cannot totally shut out the past but one can certainly deal with it on a much higher vibrational level. His writing will help him and others also.

JO: He only just discovered Dolores Cannon. Is he what she would call a volunteer soul here on earth to assist in raising the consciousness of humanity?

HS: Yes, he is a beacon, he is here as a beacon much like a lighthouse but that does not come without experience in hardship because first one must understand those they are going to help. He has had many human lives although not as many as most. He has had non human lives also and many before them.

JO: Were they more advanced or evolved lives than humans?

HS: Yes indeed. Some have been to shape other worlds also.

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