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Receiving An Income From Spiritual Work

Giving and receiving - we may all find ourselves in a similar situation at times in our life because this not only applies to work of a spiritual nature but any other form of energy exchange you may have with a person. There may be times where you choose to provide your services at no cost and other times where you could potentially feel guilty about charging a fee for your time. The spiritual dilemma is you also need to provide for your family, put food on the table and a roof over your head in order to be able to continue doing what you are passionate about. I spoke to the ''Higher Self Energy'' of 2 different clients to ask this exact question during their hypnosis sessions and here is what it had to say in reply.

JO: Sometimes people myself included can feel a bit guilty about charging for these sorts of things that help people of a spiritual nature, is there anything you can say about that?

HS (client 1): It gives the other person a sense of validation that what they are doing is the ‘’real thing’’. It is money that they are spending to learn a lot. They would rather spend it on that than something else, so you should take the money as it is good for both of you. It is good for the person, it is good for you, it also encourages you further to keep going. It is an ancient tradition!

HS (client 2): We would say to you that you can write that no person will be turned away. You can charge more for your sessions than what you say now but still be mindful that you may offer a session for far less or even a free session if you think that there is a need there. You have time, love, dedication and the amount of information you commit for each session but we would also not undervalue yourself. Sometimes a person may need to receive an act of kindness for their journey so be mindful of that fact. Be mindful of different situations and that may not be easy, you may need to meditate on that and ask us for guidance or for a sign that you receive that makes it clear that a particular person needs extra monetary generosity.

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