Starting Things We Don't Finish & Finding The Balance Between Intent and Ego

Have you ever started something new in your life, told everyone about it and then it just fizzled out? Don't worry most of us have at some stage - it is a human thing! Here is what my client's "Higher Self Energy" had to share with us when we asked this during her hypnosis session.

JO: She said she often starts things and then never finishes them, what can you share with us about that?

HS: She needs to practice more. To set goals and focus on those goals. That is what she needs is ‘’focus’’.

JO: I guess our goals need to be fulfilling though don’t they otherwise our efforts will just fizzle out?

HS: The goals are what will help give her the drive that she needs. Her goals will be ‘’fulfilling’’ once she starts utilising her talents.

JO: Sometimes humans start things, goals, hobbies etc, we tell everyone about them, and then they end up fizzling out. Is that laziness or is it the learning process of having our fingers in a few pies to discover what we ‘’don’t’’ want to do?

HS: That is some of it. Part of it is learning some humility and think before we talk. You get too excited. Excitement is a good thing but when you realise you are doing the same thing over and over again that is just ego.

JO: Does that mean we are stepping more out of our passion and into our ego when we do that?

HS: That’s right. If you are passionate about something, you really don’t need to tell EVERYONE about it. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. On the times you don’t, you just get on with it regardless. It is the ‘’intent’’.

JO: So if we are doing something to help people I guess we can talk about it if our intent is good, but not if we are talking about it just to get praise and validation?

HS: Yes. That is the physical and not you as a spiritual being.

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