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Searching For Self Worth In Your Job Title

Society can place a lot of emphasis on what we do for a living. Your contribution to the world is much richer than a fancy job title. It is important to remember that your self worth in this regard comes from the inside. Read on to see what my client's ''Higher Self Energy'' had to say when we asked about this during her hypnosis session with me.

JO: She wanted to ask about financial abundance and her lack of career, what can you share with us about that?

HS: The money will come through many forms and not always in what she is doing but as long as she is focusing on having fun and bringing joy she will be a magnet for it, she will always be looked after. She needs to let go of the idea that you have to work hard to be worthy. It’s not working hard, it is ‘playing’ and that is a big contribution. She never sees the contribution that she is making and she hasn’t allowed herself to have fun because everyone else seems to be working so hard for their living and she feels as though she doesn’t deserve to have fun because everybody else is working so hard but that is exactly what she needs to do and she has never allowed it. She needs to because it is a huge contribution. Other people don’t have to see it – she has to KNOW it. She doesn’t need a title, that is for everybody else. She wants one though (laughs). It’s not about working hard, it is about bringing in the lightness and joy. She won’t need a title because the work she will be doing will make a difference and she will start to see it and that will be enough.

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