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Lack Of Emotional Connection & Communication In Relationships

Relationships aren't always a bed of roses. A partner or spouse at some point may go through a period where they withdraw from the other person. See what my client's "Higher Self Energy" had to advise her when I asked this question.

JO: One of the issues they have in their relationship is her partner's inability to show emotion and communicate with her, is that something that will improve now?

HS: It won’t come easily but it is something that is there now for him to work on. It might not happen quickly, it is up to him. The changes are going to happen for him anyway. It is just the timing.

JO: Is there anything she can do to help improve things?

HS: She has to connect to her love and show him that love. Show her heart to him so she shows him more love than she thinks he deserves then she will continue to see more and more changes and she will help speed it up. Love is the only thing that will work. Touch him, love him, hug him, smile more, be more playful even when she thinks he doesn’t deserve it, ESPECIALLY when she thinks he doesn’t deserve it.

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