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Humans & Our Interactions With Technology

Here is an interesting segment from a hypnosis session I facilitated with a client of mine and what the ''Higher Self'' energy had to say about it.

Jo: One of the things she was concerned about in her work with children is technology and how children are becoming disconnected because of technology. These children who should be the way showers – is technology going to effect them and slow their progress down?

HS: Yes. Yes. We are concerned that sending the gift of technology has also bought with it some dangers. The gift of technology has not been used wisely, not so much to ‘’assist’’ but so as to ‘’distract’’ and to delay connectedness to provide hurdles for these children not so much in fulfilling their mission but being caught up more on an earthly plain of disconnection. It is disconnecting them more from their world and their environment. They may ‘’think’’ they are connected to the world but in fact it is not real what they see, it is taking hold of their minds and changing them in ways in which they interact with the world. They carry these little handscreens, they carry them in all different forms and that is not how it was meant to be.

Jo: Well what should we be using the technology for then?

HS: We should be friends with the technology and use it to get great insights to help humanity but not to be a friend or companion to full a void that one feels inside and to pass the time and prevent living in the world.

Jo: Many humans come home each day and escape from reality on their computers and other technologies.

HS: The technology can be used for medical technologies to assist in the ‘’understanding’’ of the body and communication technology with each other globally – yes! To make the world a smaller place – yes! To share wisdoms between cultures and people and ages and to expand consciousness – all of these things have their place.

Jo: Humans are sort of getting side-tracked with technology aren’t we?

HS: Yes. The children have embraced it wholeheartedly as they recognise the connection there to its ‘’potential’’, but at the same time you could say darker forces are also aware that it can be used to slow down the evolution of humanity.

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