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Migraines & Headaches

Do you experience regular migraines and headaches? For some people a migraine can be bought on by certain foods which tip their body over the edge vibrationally, however there are also people finding themselves with headaches and migraines for no apparent reason. This is where a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session can be of benefit to you so we can ask your Higher Self exactly what is causing ''your'' headaches or migraines and ask for advice and healing. As follows is a collection of various clients of mine who had regular migraines and headaches and what their ''Higher Self Energy'' had to say to them.


HS: She doesn’t have enough water and she stresses too much. Tension in her neck and shoulders, she holds tension and sits rigidly at the office.

Jo: And that can cause headaches?

HS: BIG headaches!

JO: As a human that can really effect our day to day life having headaches or migraines.

HS: We will send her warmth.

Jo: If she asks for help in her meditation can you help send her further healing?

HS: We will teach her also.

Jo: What other suggestions can you give her to reduce the headaches and migraines?

HS: She needs to drink more water and stay off the coffee so much. She needs to get up and walk around a bit more during the day. Massage is good and Reiki.


HS: She is drained. The energy is too much. Too much taking.

Jo: Is she taking on other people’s energy?

HS: They take HER energy.

Jo: So they drain her energy?

HS: Yes

Jo: Is this why she doesn’t always want to be around other people?

HS: Yes, they are too much.

Jo: Her clients at her work often tell her all their problems, does this also drain her energy?

HS: Yes, connecting is too much. It is a lot of energy. People TAKE a lot of energy.

Jo: We need her to be able to function on a day to day level though, what can you share about that?

HS: She can, she needs to protect herself. She doesn’t protect herself because people NEED the energy so she gives it to people. She needs to stop giving it to people and keep it for herself.

Jo: So if she protects her energy, this will stop her headaches every day?

HS: It will be much better but she does work very hard with people so it won’t go away completely.

Jo: But she could have a big improvement if she protects her energy. What suggestions can you give on how she can protect herself from other people draining her energy because she sees clients every day in her job?

HS: It is not just her clients – it is people. Give less. Keep more. Take less of the burden on her from the people without taking on the pain. She takes the pain, she takes everything. She needs to leave the pain with the people.

Jo: So after she talks to people she should let that go and not let it pierce through her bubble in a way?

HS: Yes

Jo: Is there anything else she can do to protect herself from her energy being drained?

HS: She can visualize a sparkling light around her. Protecting her and refilling her, morning and night.

Jo: So she can still help people and protect her energy at the same time?

HS: Yes, she is there to help. She must help. She must grow.

Jo: She needs to keep her energy topped up?

HS: Yes, so she CAN help other people


HS: She needs to move more. Her body needs active energy work.


HS: It is time to rest. She is pushing herself too much. Don’t expect too much.


HS: It is stress and worry. Stop stressing. Stop worrying. Stop being hard on yourself.


HS: She gets these migraines when she ‘’resists the flow of life’’. She tries to resist and rather ‘’control the flow of life’’. It is important to accept what is and if she can accept what is and be the observer, this will help her.

Jo: Is this about trusting and having faith – rather than trying to control the environment around us?

HS: Yes. This occurs at times when she attempts to use her own energy and own resources to find an outcome, to come up with a solution. If she trusts in the energy of the universe and of her higher self this will be alleviated.

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