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Connecting To The Higher Self Energy & Higher Consciousness

Using Dolores Cannon's method of deep trance ''Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique'' we explore healing through past life regression and the metaphysical such as exploring the universe, lives in between lives and Quantum Healing of the etheric and physical bodies. We also ask questions of the Higher Self Energy which is the part of you that knows EVERYTHING about you, why you incarnated on earth at this time, what your life purpose is, why certain things have happened in your life, why you may be sick and most importantly how to heal.

Dolores Cannon would often say everyone gets what they ''need'' during their QHHT Session. Most people only need one session to make a noticeable shift in their life. However some people find they make a major breakthrough in their 2nd session in connecting much more strongly to their ''Higher Self Energy''.

So why can some people connect strongly to their ''Higher Self Energy'' in their 1st session and some others it takes a 2nd session?

I asked this exact question during a hypnosis session with a client of mine and this is what ''The Higher Self Energy'' had to share in reply.

JO: Not often but occasionally there will be a client who will come and visit QHHT practitioners like myself and are able to see their past lives and feel the healing energy moving throughout their body but not quite make the jump to ''verbally'' connect to their Higher Self Energy in their very 1st session. Why is that?

HS: It takes a while for these people to connect to their Higher Self, they are starting a new activity that they have never done before. They need to practice, they need to learn. They may be trying too hard, they need to let go and relax. They can go for a jog or exercise to release energy that will not help them get there – it is counter intuitive energy. Knowing yourself can be scary – some people are scared of knowing who they are deep down. Their energy can block them. More time may be needed. They can go for a walk to clear their minds and release energy before they come into a session. They could jog or walk the morning before they come – you can ‘’suggest’’ it. They will be happier and more relaxed.

JO: Will listening to their hypnosis recordings I give them of their 1st session also help?

HS: Yes, it is a great way. It is the beginning, it is the planting of the seed. People are scared of failure and you need to reassure them when they return they will make progress.

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