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A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Conversation Between Two 9 Year Old Girls

When I first started my own business as a Dolores Cannon Hypnosis Practitioner I had many people ask me the specifics of ''exactly what is it that you do?''. Depending on the open mindedness of the person asking the question it can either be an easy question to answer or I am met with a look of bewilderment. However one day I had my 9 year old daughter and a friend of hers in the car with me and the conversation that followed was a pleasant surprise at the curiosity & spiritual open mindedness of our young children!

Conversation went a little something like this... J = Jo D = Daughter F = Friend

F: Can I please have a sleepover at your house tonight?

J: Sorry sweety maybe next week as I've got a client coming first thing in the morning.

F: Oh that's right - what is it that you do again?

J: I'm a hypnotherapist

F: Oh yeah thats right. (tries unsuccessfully to pronounce hypnotherapist). What is it really, because I don't understand?

J: Ummm....(thinking in my mind how to explain this to a 9 year old)

D: Don't worry mum, let me answer this, I'll explain it to her!

J: Errr, okay then.... (thinking this will be interesting lol)

D: **clears throat***, WELL......You know it's like when you go to hospital and get put to sleep and have an operation....

F: Yeah.....

D: Well it's JUST like that. Except forget the hospital and the operation part.

F: Ohhhhhhh

D: And then when the person is asleep, they go into their past lives and stuff.

F: Past lives?

D: Yeah, you know - everyone has past lives!

F: Do they?

D: Yep, for example, my mum said I must of been blind in a past life.

F: Why is that?

D: Because she said in this life right now, it explains why i can never find anything!

F: **giggles** haha that's funny!

J: It's not all about past lives though, there is more involved than that.

D: Yeah, well my mum said when people feel sick, it can help them feel better and help them remember things they have forgot.

F: Oh can you do it on me Jo, because I'm always forgetting things! And Ive got xyz health problems! I think I would like to have that done.

J: Sorry doll, you need to be at least 16 years old for me to do that on you.

F: ***not impressed*** Why though?

J: Well, even though you are a grown up soul, when I wake you up from trance, you are back to being a young person, and it might be a bit hard to understand everything that has happened. Plus you wouldn't really want to tell the kids at school because they might think it's weird and make fun of it.

F: I don't care what they think!. I still want it done.

D: Me too mum, you have to do me too!

J: (scratches my head thinking how to explain this better lol). Let me explain it this know how you do math at school? Well you know ''how'' to do math right? (They both reply yes). Well, if I took you to high school tomorrow, and you sat in a math class in highschool, you would still ''know'' what math is, but because the level of learning is harder, you wouldn't really understand it all. Does that make sense?

F: Oh right - yes i understand it now. Well as soon as I'm old enough I'm going to have it done.

J: Okay then.

F: Can my mum and brother have it done?

J: Sure they can. But you can't make anyone do it, they have to WANT to do it.

F: **incredulous*** But why would anyone not want to do it?

J: Well some people don't believe in this sort of thing.


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