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Taking Life Too Seriously

Spirit often say we humans take life far too seriously and forget just how important bringing the play and joy into our lives is. Just like children, play, laughter and joy increases our spiritual vibration and affects not just us but everyone around us. My client's 'Higher Self Energy' showed her the life of a nature spirit and the information it shared with us is something I'm sure we can all relate to.

JO: Why did you show her the lifetime of the nature spirit?

HS: Because she has forgotten how to have fun and she is most powerful when she is having fun. She needs to play more, connect with the trees and get outside. Be in nature, sit on the earth and touch the trees and be near the water, breath in the fresh air, get outdoors. The ground and the connection to the earthly vibration is naturally higher than her vibration. Playing, having fun and not thinking that playing is a waste of time because it is the most important thing to be able to bring a higher energy through and to change the planet through love and joy.

JO: Is that what she is here for to change the vibration of the planet?

HS: Yes. Everyone can be so caught up in materialistic things and that is not what it is about. Playing and being in nature and loving and bringing that energy to what she does. She can never get it wrong, she only thinks she can.

JO: Those are things that humans can do that a free, they don’t cost anything.

HS: It is most the healing thing you can do to play and laugh and have fun. Not take any of it so seriously and things will go much better.

JO: Do we humans take life much too seriously?

HS: Oh yes! Too seriously. Worry too much about money and having things. Everything is already provided but you don’t see what you have already have got.

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