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Feeling Suffocated Or Emotionally Overwhelmed

Most of us at some stage have found ourselves feeling a little suffocated by others who ask too much of us or perhaps emotionally overwhelmed by situations in our life . We need to be mindful there are times where we can give too much of our energy to others and not retain enough to sustain our own needs.

Last year I had a practitioner friend called Kaelana ask me to do a swap session with her. Afterwards she facilitated a session for me and one of the questions I wanted to ask was what I could do if I felt myself feeling like this. Below is a transcript of this part of the hypnosis session with my very own ''Higher Self Energy''.

KAELANA: Why does Jo sometimes feel suffocated or overwhelmed by people or situations?

JO’s HS: In the lifetime we showed her she was a singular flower in a garden. She went through periods of feeling lonely but she was very connected. She is creating and bringing forth a heavenly garden here to Earth and there are times where she feels the garden that she is building around her closing in on her.

KAELANA: Are those feelings something you can heal for her in the body scan?

JO’s HS: She is holding that in the chest area. There is light moving through the chest now. She is helping facilitate this. She connects to the higher self / the source – whatever level she taps into depending on her vibrational rate at the time, she wants to be part of the process so she can tap into source when she needs to and recognize that feeling and carry out self healing on the body.

KAELANA: What other advice can you give to Jo?

JO’s HS: To breath. When she finds her breathing changing by itself she thinks it might be a panic attack coming on or hyperventilation. It is not. It is really us teaching her how to breath. Breathing properly from the stomach and all the way up the chest and out. It just a release. A good release for her body breathing through her stomach. Rhythmic breathing and this will help her with the suffocating feeling.

KAELANA: Is there anything else she can do when she finds herself feeling overwhelmed by situations or people?

JO’s HS: We told Jo the other day when she was reflecting to treat every day as a new day. She carries a lot with her from previous days, like the a supermarket trolley she carries previous issues with her, she will carry these expectations of her and all of these things, she has put them all in a trolley and is wheeling that around. Tomorrow it is a new day – she doesn’t need to carry around all of those expectations and requests from the past.

KAELANA: How can she release that completely?

JO’s HS: She has let it go, she is back in her beautiful place besides the river. That river knew where it was going, and she has released the trolley into the river and it has carried it away.

KAELANA: Will she now find it easier to say NO to people when she needs to?

JO’s HS: If she allows herself to pick up a basket each day and allows herself to carry what she needs for that day, she doesn’t need the trolley for this week or last week. She just needs what she needs for today. She needs to put things in that basket that are going to nurture her, that are going to fulfill her needs, that are going to be nurturing for her garden. When someone is asking too much of her they are taking out of her basket. When they take out of her basket she has less to give herself.

KAELANA: So how will it be easier for her to not allow that?

JO’s HS: She can draw on the power of source energy. Visualise herself in the light, surround herself in it and she will be able to feel it and absorb all she needs from it. That will give her the strength. There are times where she will say YES to people but it will be because she will be able to more easily recognize the times where her soul wants her to say yes and not the times out of obligation where she says yes.

KAELANA: Will you please help her to recognize that more easily and more often?

JO’s HS: We will send her a feeling. After she has connected with the light she can reflect if she has a question or concern, she can breath and we will send her a sign. A green light if the soul says yes and a red light if the gut says no. She shouldn’t rely on this all the time – she needs to use this guidance only when she really needs it. Just like a GPS, you don’t need a GPS for the same journey over and over but if it something she is unfamiliar with she can ask.

*****Note: That night after my Quantum Healing Hypnosis session I went to bed and was woken up early hours of the morning feeling a very strong energy around me and in my chest area. I could see a flash of a vision in my minds eye and feel something being pulled right out of my chest. It felt like something had been released as if I could breath freely again. I woke up the next morning feeling emotionally lighter and like a weight had been lifted off of me.

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