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Past Life Of The Leader Of An Army

There are many areas to explore in a Quantum Healing Session - past lives, lives in between lives, the spirit side, the cosmos and metaphysical realms, communicating with our Higher Self Energy as well energy healing the emotional and physical bodies. Past lives are just one of the areas we explore in a session to bring about a deeper understanding of what makes us the person we are today and facilitate the release of karmic residues and understand and release a pattern of behaviour that we have carried over into our current life today.

Every life has a lesson and the Higher Self will guide each client through that life or experience for a reason - the lesson is something that will resonate on a deep level with that particular client and their life today. We then begin to understand ourselves from a much higher perspective.

Below is a brief shortened version of a past life one of my clients was shown by her Higher Self and the lesson she was to learn from it.

''Leader of an Army''

Client comes out to a scene looking at a stone castle. She finds herself in the body of a young man. Not too handsome (he laughs), but rich and I am well dressed. I don’t live at this castle but I am coming to visit ‘’my love’’, she lives in this castle. It’s an arranged marriage by her father. I am entering into a marriage where I love her and she respects me although doesn’t love me romantically. She is very beautiful though, maybe she will learn to love me. She has chosen a very nice dress for our meeting. I am a fighter, I lead an army and command people.

Important day: My wife is giving birth to our first child. It’s a girl. We are both so happy but there are others around us who are disappointed because it’s not a boy. I am happy but cannot ‘’fully’’ be happy or relax because I know there are others around me and close to me who have bad intentions towards me. They want power.

(Later on in that lifetime)... Those men, my men they killed me! I should of trusted my gut and killed them when I had the opportunity, but I am a man of honour, I would never do that! They put a sword into my heart, now they are going after my wife (gets upset). They put her in a dungeon as a captive, thank god they don’t ‘’do’’ anything to her, but they just leave her there and neglect her and she eventually dies and I think that might be for the best. They give my daughter to an older lady to look after. I don’t know how nice she will be though. But she will be safe ’physically.

Lesson of life:

It’s very painful when someone witholds their love from you, even though they may not mean it, remember to be kind and loving to everybody because it’s painful when you’re not loved.

And when you have bad people around you, it’s best not to keep them around you, they are like poison. I was policitically tied and could not do anything, I could not remove them or kill them, I did the best I could but look what happened!

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