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Holding On To Hatred

When we do not release hatred from our lives we can cause all sorts of physical illness in the body. Our emotions are natural and it is important to feel and acknowledge them however just like going to the toilet, if we hold on for too long to something which is not for our highest good our body has to put it somewhere and it can often manifest as illness and if left ignored into severe illness.

Sometimes people can also carry over residues of emotions such as hatred or anger from past lifetimes into their lives today which may be causing a similar pattern or situation to reappear in their life today for them to learn from or trigger a health issue in the body. A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session can help you understand yourself from a much higher perspective and facilitate a long awaited release to help bring your mind and body back into balance and harmony.

Below is a shortened version of a past life a client of mine experienced in her session with me in which her Higher Self Energy wanted her to learn about holding on to hatred.

''Past life Of Boy Who Held On To Hatred''

My female client found herself in the body of a young 10 year old boy, dark skinned and indigenous. He came in on a scene observing a volcano. It’s blowing ash into the air and very noisy. He lives in a village close to the volcano with ocean on the other side.

I am not scared, I am only young and I am happy but the elders of the village are very scared of the volcano. My mother has just given birth to my baby sister. The baby is sick though, very sick from breathing in the ash. I have a father but he doesn’t live with us or want to be around us. It’s just my brothers and sisters living in this hut and my mother. I feel healthy though, I am happy, I like it here!

(Important day): Everyone is panicking. The volcano has erupted now and the lava is coming out, it gets closer to the village. It’s chaotic, its going crazy and everyone is leaving the village. My best friend is leaving (starts to cry). I’m sad and desperate. But we can’t leave because the baby is too sick to travel and there are not enough men in the family to help us move our belongings. We have to stay here (client starts crying).

(Important day): This is it. It’s here, the lava is here. We are going to die. Wait! My father has finally decided to reappear, he has come back to save us. He is trying to come to our hut but it’s too late now – it’s too late!!! I have been happy for my entire life but I feel like in this one moment I know what it is like to feel real hatred for someone! And now we all die together!

Lesson of life: He was his mothers helper in that life. He shouldn’t hold on to hatred. He was a happy boy but he dies in hatred and therefore carries that with him and he doesn’t even realise it!

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