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No Desire To Have Children

Why do some people yearn to have a family, settle down or have children and others do not? Has anyone ever made you feel guilty for not wanting to have children? There are many reasons why people do not have a strong desire for family life or children and perhaps it is just not part of their path in this lifetime therefore we should understand and respect their choices without judgement.

As the wise Hindu Proverb taught us ''There are hundreds of paths up the mountain all leading to the same place, so it doesn't matter which path you take. The only person wasting time is the one running around the mountain telling everyone that his or her path is wrong''.

My client found she had no burning ambition to have children in her life today. Her Higher Self Energy guided her through a past lifetime filled where she had a busy family life and gave her some wisdom on why it was shown to her. Below is a shortened version of that past life and the lesson of the life.

''Past Life of Family Man in the Fishing Village''

My client finds herself as a man living in a fishing village. He had lived there his entire life. He has a wife and lives in a small modest hut. He is very much part of the community and survives off fruit, sea urchins and fish for food.

An important day is his wife giving birth to a son and later on in that life he is very proud as he attends the wedding of his son who is marrying a very pretty wife. All of the community come to the wedding.

Moving further ahead in his life he finds himself outside at a huge big party with all his extended family, children and grandchildren - it is very very happy times!

Lesson of life: Having a family, being the provider for your family. Caring and living, being happy in part of a community life. Living a simple life. To show her that she has had the children and the big family already. She has done that. There is no need to feel guilty for not wanting that in her life now.

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