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An Extra Terrestrial Past Life And The Lesson Of Being Quick To Judge Others

My client was very surprised to find herself on a spaceship as an E.T. This was a fun light hearted life shown by the Higher Self Energy and a lesson about not being so quick to judge a book by its cover.

Below is a brief shortened version of the life (much of my questioning during the past life is excluded to keep this easy reading). ''E.T. Past Life And Being Quick To Judge Others'' I can see a clown in front of me. So super tacky! He looks like an evil clown. He is sitting on a chair and looks like he commands something. Client looks at her body – Oh my god, I am a clown too. Big red shoes, black and white striped pants, this is horrible, what am I doing here, why am I wearing this?

The other clown – his evil clown face has changed to a smile now. Oh, we are on a spaceship! (client is surprised).

We are good people really deep down. We are sort of like bandits – we rob people. We bring balance, it is what it is. We don’t discriminate, if we need something we will take it from anyone!

We never stay in one place for long, we do a job and then we go. The other clown he found me. He taught me his way of life, I don’t agree with it 100% but it’s all I know. We sleep on this ship, on this craft.

We put on these costumes and we change our personalities and we tell others want they want to hear. Sort of like…. scams. This isn’t humans that we are running scams on though, we are not human, we are a little different but similar genetically.

(I asked my client what she would see if she were to remove her clown costume)...

’’Ewww!’’ Oh my goodness (client is really shocked but laughs out loud), we are green and scaley and short. Not scales like on a fish, they are small scales and I’m moist, like an amphibian in a way. Like a frog and a lizard – it’s weird!

(She touches face) - I have 2 eyes, they are slits and squinty. I have a flat nose, it’s not like a real nose but its got 2 holes.

(I asked about the other beings on the spaceship – whether they look different or the same)....

‘’Yes – they all do, we all look the same. We are all wearing these ‘’costumes’’, everyone puts them on. To impress other people, or to show off. Why do we wear these though, it’s silly? What is the point, we all have the same body and all look the same, it is dumb actually. We never originally would wear these things. That’s why it’s stupid. We originally didn’t used to wear clothes – we ‘’adopted’’ it from another civilisation and species, we saw it somewhere and then we started wearing clothing and decorations.

We don’t feel temperature easily. Actually it’s a mental sickness. They think they ‘’need’’ it now. Some think they are more important than others which is easily reflected in these clothes and decorations we all have.

(Later on in that life I ask why her Higher Self Energy choose to show her that life and what was learnt from it)...

We are quick too judge people. There is judgement on both sides and from himself too. He thought the others were foolish and unwise because they were putting clothing on and being ridiculous. His clown costume was a mirror for what he thought of their costumes. When they would laugh at him, they were really laughing at themselves but at the end of the day he is no better than they are and they are no better than he is. The ship could see earth but it could not ‘’enter’’ earth. They want to though, they look at it, everyone looks at earth!

She did what she did to survive in that life. She needs to relax in this lifetime, she needs to relax, she doesn’t need to work so hard. She has done that enough. She is worried she doesn’t have a job and isn’t working towards something and she is worried about what people will think. She has worked so hard in other lifetimes and it’s time for her to relax and not be so critical of herself. Relax, Relax, Relax!

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