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The Important Balance Between Ego And Low Self Worth

If we are residing our consciousness 100% in the ego we could find ourselves often thinking we are better than other people and have an inflated sense of superiority over others. Whereas on the flipside you could be totally at the other end of the spectrum and have feelings of low self worth. You may feel others are better than you, I am no one special, who would love me, no self esteem, I hate myself or feelings fear, anxiety and depression.

It is essential to find that healthy balance in our lives. My clients Higher Self Energy explained this subject to her beautifully during her hypnosis session with me.

JO: Shouldn't we humans try hard to keep our ego out of the way?

HS: Yes, yes. It is so important, so important to be conscious of the ego.

JO: Well sometimes we can take it too far to the flip side of that and have feelings of low self worth and we have to be careful about that?

HS: Yes and she has let that program run very strongly with the feeling of bad and guilt, she has let that run so strongly to place her in a space of humility and suffering. We say too far! Too far! The balance needs to come so that the worthiness and confidence is experienced in a way that is ‘’not’’ stepping into the ego because she was forewarned about the ego and the dangers of the human race with the ego. She has taken that message too far. She has sacrificed too much to place herself in a position of ‘’less than’’ so that the ego is not strong. But we say to her that there is balance. The ego has a place, the humility has a place and the understanding through suffering has a place.

JO: We don’t want to be living in the ego and making decisions from our ego but at the same time we need to have some self worth and confidence because if we don’t have that we are not able to help other people are we?

HS: Yes, you need a place that you can come from of service, of being able to service. Being ‘’less than’’ and fearful and anxious does not serve. It does not serve her and does not serve others and does not serve humanity ultimately.

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