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Coeliac Disease

During a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, my clients are often given gems of wisdom from their Higher Self.

Coeliac disease is where the immune system reacts abnormally to gluten - a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. This causes bowel inflammation and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Of course every “body” is different physically and energetically (along with their soul history) so although this answer may not apply to you specifically, this is what my clients Higher Self had to say to her when we asked the question under trance.

Jo: Why has her body not been able to adapt to certain types of foods – especially the coeliac disease her body has been experiencing?

HS: This is to do with a past lifetime where poison was involved. Energetically and mentally she has released this but the physical body is still holding onto it and has been for a number of lifetimes.

Jo: So it was to do with poison?

HS: Ingesting poison, yes.

Jo: Why has that been so hard for the physical body to let go of that experience?

HS: It was a very painful and unpleasant death and the physical body suffered. There is a lack of trust and a defence mechanism the body has created to reject certain foods as it doesn’t want to experience that again.

Jo: So the body is hypervigilant after an experience like that?

HS: Yes. She doesn’t need to carry this anymore.

Jo: (I ask for her Higher Self to release this from her body).

Is there anything she can do to speed up the healing process?

HS: There is a fear that she needs to actively let go of. Anytime the fear comes up she needs to acknowledge it and release it. It’s around lack of trust.

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