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Beyond Death - Transition From Physical Body To Energy

Have you ever wondered what happens after you die and transition from this physical body? We will all find out one day. However in the meantime during a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session occasionally my clients Higher Self will allow them to remember and reexperience what it is like leaving the physical life and transitioning to the ''in between''.

I've had many clients experience life after death and it is always fascinating to see where they go. Below is a recent hypnosis session where my client did just that.


C: I feel like I’m floating and nothing hurts anymore.

Jo: What feelings are coming to you? What do you see?

C: I see purple and green lights swirling all around and it’s like I’m in a tunnel. It’s all I can see.

Jo: Do you feel like you are moving or do you feel still?

C: I feel like I’m going through the tunnel with the lights. It feels like I’m being sucked through. It seems like I’m shifting through something because time doesn’t exist here.

Jo: Tell me more about the lights.

C: They are all around me but they are brighter in front of me where I am going. They are swirling clockwise around me.

Jo: As you move through the tunnel, what happens next?

C: I feel like I’m going up, straight up and I lose parts of myself the higher up I get.

Jo: Tell me what that’s feels like, losing those parts of yourself.

C: It feels good like I’m shedding things I don’t need. Things that don’t exist up higher.

Jo: The higher up you go – what do you see?

C: I don’t know how to describe this. It’s like a flat circle with a hole in the middle. Almost like a coin with a hole in it, then another coin that spins – I don’t know what it is. It’s bright.

Jo: What does the energy feel like in this place?

C: It’s very powerful like it is vibrating through me. It’s like when you can feel sound vibrating through you – it feels like that. It’s vibrating through my being but I don’t really have a being or a body here. It’s effecting my energy, it’s changing it. Just by being near it, I’m becoming it, the same level, the same frequency as this energy. It’s vibrating.

Jo: So you become that energy, become part of it?

C: Yes. The same colour as well. I’m kind of being drawn towards it now, towards the outer rim. Now that I’m getting closer, it is so much bigger. I’m just like a tiny little speck. It’s spinning around and when I get closer I become part of it and I start spinning around as well. It’s really big and I am really small. I’m part of a bigger whole. There is so many little parts all moving together.

Jo: Do you have a sense of being alone or not alone?

C: There are lots of us but we are all the same.

Jo: What does it feel like being able to merge yourself into energy like that?

C: It’s like returning and remembering, like downloading, I think that was what was happening before and now I am returning. We are going around and around in a circle. It takes a really long time to do a full circle and there are so many of us. It’s like a 20 lane freeway and we are all on it.

Jo: Do you have a sense or feeling who these others are?

C: I feel like these are all souls who have just come out of a lifetime. This is the in between, a place where information is collected. We all learn from each others information we have brought back here.

Jo: So all of the information can be collected and integrated in this place?

C: Not just the information one has learned but the information that was collectively learned, is learned by everybody. Everybody brings in a piece and the knowledge is shared.

Jo: What does that feel like – expanding and sharing in the collective knowledge?

C: It feels like we all get a little bit higher. I can’t explain.

Jo: Do you feel like you’ll be in this place for a long time or a short time?

C: It feels like a short time now, it kind of feels like a job but not. It’s like this group collects and then brings back information and then collectively integrates all of the information and goes back again. It’s expanding each time and each time they go back they can bring something more from what they have learned.

Jo: Well let’s move forward until something else is happening. What do you see?

C: I see a white sphere of light but it is more solid than light. I’m not sure what it is. There are more transparent parts around it that look like petals opening up. It might be transport but I’m not sure.

Jo: It could be transport? The longer you are there, it will soon start to make sense. Is there any sense of movement?

C: It’s just floating, levitating. There is black all around it in the darkness, it’s just really bright. I think I have been here before. I keep going back here. It feels like a room, like headquarters. A place where I come to make decisions. While I’m in a lifetime, I’ll come up here. It’s like a lotus flower with a pearl in the middle. It’s really beautiful.

Jo: You come to make decisions in this place?

C: There are others here but they are part of my team. I think we are planning where to go next after we have downloaded the information in that other place. We come here to decide where to go next. Not everyone comes to this place, just us. Some souls go to other places. Now I am seeing myself lying on a table surrounded by bright lights, like at the dentist or a hospital. They are really bright like a circle above my face. It feels like when you shut your eyes after looking at the sun. It’s really bright and hurting my eyes. I’m in a different place now.

Jo: It feels like you are in a different place? What happens next?

C: I’m back in a human form. Something is touching the middle of my head, I can feel it, like a pressure. It’s pushing some information in. It’s not painful but there is pressure in my skull.

Jo: The pressure in your head – is there a purpose to it?

C: It’s supposed to be a download of information, it’s not nice like the other way. This way is more forceful, I don’t like it. It’s feels like I get this information in this human lifetime, not the in between. It’s not very pleasant, I have a headache.

Jo: (I ask the Higher Self to allow the body to integrate the information without feeling the discomfort in the head area). Let’s move forward to when something else is happening that you need to see.

C: I am now in this current lifetime.

A special thanks to my client who allowed this information to be shared with the collective.

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