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Nothing Left To Give


Can we really help others if we are so depleted there is nothing left to give? Humans are always busy “doing” and “thinking” in this chaotic earth world that the spiritual gas tank light is constantly flashing, running on empty fumes. Intuitively it’s waving a hand at us - trying to get our attention before our physical and mental well being suffers. Leaving yourself physically, mentally and ...energetically drained can only be swept under the carpet for so long before the red flags in essence hit us much stronger over the head until we have no choice but be forced to slow down. The universe has then stepped in to remind us that something needs to change. Remember to prioritise those moments of self love and care. Embrace the silence, connect with nature and cherish in those quiet times with your own company to reconnect deep within your inner being so you can truly recharge and rejuvenate. When the soul battery is overflowing you can then joyfully share that energy out into the world without obligation or resentment. Your soul will thank you for it.


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