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Journey To Future Earth

During a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session clients can journey through time, space and dimensions. Their Higher Self will guide them exactly where they need to go and it is often the last place they might expect. Depending on their senses - they may experience this visually, knowingly or through memories and feelings that come to them when they are deep in trance.

Dolores Cannon who was a world renowned hypnotist for 50 years (and who taught me her method) would often say to leave your expectations at the door because you never know what you are going to get. Whatever it is, it's what your soul needs to explore (and heal) at this particular time in your life when you have your session.

Have you ever wondered what Earth might look like far into the future when humans are much more evolved in body and consciousness?

Much to my clients surprise, he found himself viewing ''future earth'' from space, and has allowed me to share this part of his hypnosis session with you.

Jo: What do you see?

C: I see the blue planet approaching and it’s so beautiful. Suddenly I’m hovering over an ocean, it’s very calm, blue sky and sunny. I’m just hovering as if I am floating. I feel like I have a white body that suffers no gravity or very little gravity. I can do somersalts and move anyway I want in the air. Now I’m in the water, there is no need to breath. I feel like a white creature with very long hair. I can float in the air or swim in the sea. It’s a gorgeous feeling.

Jo: So you can be in the air or in the water?

C: Yes and suddenly I can be in space again, I can move around so easily, there is no resistance. When I’m in space I don’t feel my body and when I’m on earth I feel a white long body, like long hairs or filaments. I feel like this body is the future body of humans. When I’m on earth I’m not very dense and I can move through things. I can move through the sea and the water is less dense than usually it is.

Jo: What does it feel like moving through the water?

C: I feel like I slide. The trail I leave in the water looks smooth and perfect. It’s like a perfect painting, everything is perfection.

Jo: Do you sense if there is any life in the sea as you move through it?

C: There is a whale, well it looks sort of like a whale. It is just looking at me. She puts part of her body out of the water, I can feel she is happy and smiling – it comes to my mind. I send that smile and happiness back to her. We communicate in feelings and love and different tonalities of love. It’s like music with different sounds and love with different feelings.

Jo: Is there anything important she would like to communicate with you?

C: She says you have a beautiful future ahead. She says I achieve my mission and everybody is very happy with that. Being in this body is sort of like the prize and the yearning because everyone wants to be in this body.

Jo: It’s like a light body in a way?

C: Yes, it’s less dense between physical and light. Such a feeling of perfection. I see one other in the same type of body as me and he is saying ‘’there are a few of us’’. This is earth, this is not a different planet.

Jo: What else can you explore there on earth, what the earth future will look like? What else can you do in this light body?

C: I just went immediately to a beach and I have put myself into…. I have sort of materialised a body that looks like a human body. It looks between white and beige with some brown clothes and I am told that is the best way to interact.

Jo: So you can materialise into a body if you want to ?

C: Yes, I feel okay and I can go back very easily. It feels different, it feels good to put my feet on the ground and feel the soil. I can take long steps, I feel light, it’s like I need no energy. Now I am going to a village. There are other people here in a similar body. The houses are ingrained into the forest, it’s as if the houses are part of the forest.

There are little children and they laugh and giggle a lot. There is no need for big buildings here, this earth does not have many habitants our days, I am being told we have a smaller population. It’s all very tuned up quality of life and quality of thinking.

We spend a lot of time talking but it’s all telepathic. We can emit sounds but we talk telepathically. You aren’t constantly hearing the thoughts of others though, it’s just when we want to talk.

Jo: How to the people of the village spend all of their time?

C: They walk a lot, they share feelings, they meditate together. I’m told that they meditate and talk a lot about all of the big problems of the past and how they were overcome. There were many civilisations and many wars, many big cities and now we have gone all back to basics. One with the forest. We don’t eat, we all feed with energy.

Jo: So there is no need to eat solid foods?

C: No or to drink. People like to bathe. There is a river nearby the village. Oh (seems surprised) they dissolve their bodies and become one with the river. It’s sort of like an activity they like to do. So they dissolve and then further down the river the materialise again and come out of the water.

Jo: What do you feel the purpose of that is?

C: It’s joy. It’s playfulness. It’s a play with love. You expand and become one with the water and then go back and become a being outside of the water. It remembers everybody and how we are all connected with the elements, the earth, air, the water. The children have no school here.

Jo: Tell me how the children learn things?

C: They learn and we all learn with the energy that we ingest. That energy has information as well and that information touches the consciousness of the whole universe, the memories of everything. There are some beings that organise information and I’m told they work with the bearded guy (**this was from an earlier part of his hypnosis session not included here**) but they have no beard or hair. They are just white. There are 4 that do this sorting of consciousness information. They tap into the field of consciousness and it is organised to them and all of us.

I like to visit all of these different communities. I like to interact. Also to swim in the sea and then go back to space and see the planet from the outside. It’s such an honour of being able to view life from all perspectives.

A special thanks to my client for allowing me to share this information with the collective.

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