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Death By Fiery Car Crash

From our human perspective death is almost always sad or tragic. We are emotional beings, it hurts to lose someone we love.

However from spirit perspective there is no death - only the expiry of the physical body we occupied whilst here on earth. The expiry of the body is our soul ''exit plan''. Depending on each incarnation sometimes our soul will have a long contract here on earth and other times just a short contract. This can be difficult to wrap our head around as humans as we want our loved ones to be “here” with us for a long time.

The physical body is a temporary “suit” our soul energy and consciousness occupies so we can physically touch, taste, feel and experience the earthly life in a much deeper way than what we could from spirit.

I was only half way through the hypnosis induction when my client jumped straight into some very confronting scenes. She was very surprised (and emotional) to see a fiery burning car wreck in front of her.

C: There is a car on fire! I don’t know why it just popped into my head but it made me shake.

Jo: Are you viewing the scene from above or from the surface?

C: From the surface. It’s night time. It seems like the car has stopped in front of me in a different motion, like I’m viewing it from somewhere else. It’s just come to a dead halt in front of me, it’s on its side completely on fire.

Jo: As you are viewing this does it feel like you are alone or not alone?

C: I’m alone. Something doesn’t “feel” right.

Jo: What happens next? Are the flames close to you or are you at a safe distance?

C: I feel there is some sort of shield in front of me protecting me from it. It’s all dark, just the car standing on it’s side on fire. It’s almost like its rolled from somewhere and come to a dead halt. I don’t know if there is people in there.

Jo: The longer you are observing, what feelings start coming to you about whether you sense if the car is empty or not?

C: (pauses)… I feel scared there might be people in there. I don’t know who is going to help them. I don’t know why I am seeing the car?

Jo: You are safe where you are – you can just watch the scene as an observer. (reassuring)

C: I feel like tears are coming (emotional).

Jo: Let’s rewind this scene to just ‘’before’’ the car was on fire. What do you see?

C: I see a family in the car driving down the road. Music going, laughing, a happy family. They are going somewhere, I don’t know whether it is a trip or a holiday.

Jo: It seems like they are on a journey of some sort?

C: Yes. They are happy, kids are laughing, parents are talking. The car has 4 doors, there are 3 kids in the back. Mum and dad in the front.

Jo: Do the kids seem young or old?

C: I’m not sure – maybe under 10. They are going somewhere but it feels like something ‘’bad’’ is about to happen. Oh…I can ‘’feel’’ that in my body.

Jo: Watch what is about to happen next, you can watch in slow motion if you want to….

C: They have to drive a bit more through the day before it gets dark. Ohhh! (shock). The dad just fell asleep at the wheel and the car started flipping. It’s suddenly dark, it’s like I’ve skipped time. He fell asleep at the wheel!

Jo: What happens when the car comes to a stop?

C: I can still see myself in front of it, with the car on fire. I can’t get past it – I’m back in that spot where I was before.

Jo: Well now you know that there “are” people inside…

C: Yes there are. I can’t get through the ‘’shield’’. I don’t know what this shield is or why I am seeing the car with those people……I can’t help them (emotional). For some reason I have to watch this, but it’s not happening in ‘’my time’’.

Jo: So it feels like a different time?

C: Yes, It’s a different time. I don’t know what to do – it’s like I’m stuck.

Jo: Tell me about the shield that you feel is around you?

C: It’s like I push on it and I can’t move it. It’s like a wall but not a wall as I know one to be. It’s clear so I can see straight through it but it can’t be broken. It’s somehow to ‘’protect’’ me so I can’t get through to that other side. I don’t understand.

Jo: So you are protected but helpless because you can’t do anything?

C: Yes and I don’t understand why I am seeing it. Why am I watching those people burn to death? Why has the car just stopped to a dead stop in front of me and I can’t do anything about it? There is no-one else around, no other cars around! This family are just all on their own and no one is helping them. It’s like they are all asleep.

Jo: Well let’s fast forward that scene a little and observe what happens to their bodies…

C: (surprised)…They are not in the car! Their bodies are but ‘’they’’ are not.

Jo: Their physical bodies are in the car?

C: Yes…’s like they just went to sleep. They don’t even know that anything has happened. They didn’t feel any pain. They just ‘’left’’ their bodies.

Jo: So it’s as if their spirits knew it was time to leave the body?

C: Yes

Jo: Does it make you feel better knowing they didn’t feel any pain?

C: Yes. It doesn’t feel so scary anymore. (relieved)

Jo: Is there anything else you want to observe in this scene?

C: I’m seeing them out of their bodies ‘’above’’ the car in some ‘’spirit form’’. It’s like they don’t know what just happened. They can’t see below them what has just happened, they are completely unaware of it. It’s just as though they are on a journey as to what is next. I don’t know how to explain that. (perplexed)

Jo: It all happened so quickly so they are not really aware of what has happened?

C: No and now they are not even…’s like they are not connected as a family anymore. They are individual spirits or beings or whatever they are that are just on a journey to ‘’somewhere else’’. It’s as if they don’t even think about it – they are just ‘’off’’!

Jo: How does that make you feel, watching them go their separate ways to continue their journeys?

C: I feel a bit weird because I saw them as a close family and now it’s like they are all completely separate beings and off in completely different directions and they don’t even think twice about it. They are happy! (surprised). They are peaceful, they don’t think, they just move and go.

Jo: What do you feel the purpose of that family’s short lives on earth was?

C: I only get the word ‘’love’’.

Jo: Well they “did” experience the love and connectedness as a family before they left…

C: Yes, they were a happy family, peaceful, didn’t have worries, very gentle people. Loved to be together but now it’s like they don’t even know each other, they can’t see each other – they are just off!

Jo: They incarnated as a family together but now they are outside of the physical form they can go on to follow their own journeys?

C: Yes, that’s what they have done. Like a beam of light at the speed of light – just voom gone! I don’t even know where they have gone to. I’m still watching the car burn in front of me like I always was but now it just feels like that’s the ‘’physical’’ thing I’m seeing in front of me – it’s not even important. (realisation). It doesn’t even matter!

Jo: So you don’t need to attach as much helplessness or pain to it all?

C: No. Now I’m starting to see cars coming up to the scene. I can see ambulance and fire engines turning up and all the normal physical things you would see with a car accident but it’s like I don’t care about that part of it because ‘’they’’ are not there! Everyone thinks they are there but no-one knows the truth.

Jo: The true essence of them has already left….

C: Yes but no-one ‘’knows’’ that. They are trying to save their burned bodies but they are just wasting their time – they are not there. No one knows that – everyone lives in this physical realm where it’s ALL about the physical. I’m standing behind the screen, I don’t care about that. What I have seen I NEEDED to see – I don’t need to see the rest of it play out. It’s not important, it’s fake.

Jo: It’s just the illusion of the physical now?

C: Yes, it’s what everybody else lives in but I don’t need to live in that.

A special thanks to my client for allowing me to share this information with the collective.

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