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Sky Visitors And The Ascension Doorway

When people come in for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session they often want to explore what their life purpose is. Sometimes before I get a chance to ask their Higher Self that question, the answer is already beginning to weave itself into the beautiful scenes that unfold before them. Just like the magical experience my client had below.

Jo: What feelings are coming to you?

C: I feel like I’m in nature. There are deer and other animals here. They have come to greet me.

Jo: Is it day time or night time? What other sort of animals do you feel are in this place?

C: It’s day time. There are squirrels, lots of birds and butterfly’s. It’s like they are all co-existing together. They are friendly, there are no threats.

Jo: They are not scared of you?

C: No, they don’t have anything to be scared of. We are all in the same place together. It’s warm from the sun and the sky is blue. It’s a bit foresty and I am standing in a clearing.

Jo: What does the ground beneath your feet look like?

C: There is grass but where I am standing it feels like it’s a little bit rocky. I’m barefoot, I don’t like to wear shoes often.

Jo: Can you get a sense or feeling of what sort of clothing you might be wearing?

C: I’m wearing something loose, a long grey robe kind of thing. My hair is up, the back of my neck is bare.

Jo: What about the condition of your body, what does it feel like?

C: If feels quite young and healthy. I feel vibrant and connected to things. I’m female but I still feel like I’m me. I enjoy being here and appreciating nature, being one with the animals. I keep seeing deer, they are right next to me. I feel like I want to give them something, like something to eat. I want to walk to the water with them.

Jo: Is there water nearby?

C: Yes, there is a creek very close, that’s where it’s rocky. I can just walk down to the shallow water, there are lots of rocks that the creek is running over. I’m going to sit on a rock beside the water. It’s crystal clear water. There are lots of pebbles and grass along the banks of the water.

Jo: Do the deer drink from this water?

C: Yes. Now there are butterfly’s flying over top of it. It feels good, I’ve always wanted to talk to animals. I feel so peaceful, joyful and loving. There are a lot of animals, I just can’t make out what they all are. There is a deer next to me and a few scattered around drinking water. There are some birds flying in. I sense movement all around me and a feeling of peace. Everything is co-existing, there is no threat from one animal to the next.

Jo: Does it feel like there are any humans in this place?

C: I sense there are but not where I am here. I have a place to go back to with a family, there are other people that live around here.

Jo: Is there anywhere else you feel drawn to explore in this peaceful place?

C: Across the river there are thick lines of trees. It’s kind of like I’m in a gully actually. I can walk across the creek to the other side of the bank. I can walk through a little hole in the bushes and trees. I can’t see what’s on the other side of this wall of trees but I’m sensing that there is a lot of people there.

Jo: Tell me more about that?

C: I think I’ve found the other people (laughs). There are children running around laughing and giggling. It’s like another big open clearing surrounded by forest but without the stream.

Jo: Are there adults or just children?

C: There are adults too - there is a mixture of everyone. If feels like maybe 100 or more people. This is where we all live. Everyone is outside in the sun today. All the people know me as I walk through.

Jo: What sort of clothing do these people wear?

C: All the same. It’s almost like we’re wearing cloth. I want to say potato sacks (laughs) but it’s more like robe cloth. Just simple.

Jo: This clearing that you are in, what sort of activity is happening around you?

C: There is fun. Playing games. We are happy to be in natures company. Some people are sitting around in groups talking. There is a group of children and someone is teaching them something as they sit around in a circle.

Jo: So these people, they know you?

C: Yes, it seems as I walk, everyone I come into contact with I know. It’s a big community. I feel very peaceful and happy. I am well loved and supported.

Jo: If you were to find yourself standing outside the place where you sleep in the evening, what would you see?

C: It’s kind of like a small treehouse bungalow inside of the forest. I live with my partner. It’s warm.

Jo: So it’s warm inside?

C: Yes, there is a little fire. There is a sense of colder night air outside, but I’m inside away from it in the warm. Dim lighting, nice lighting. It’s just the two of us. It’s kind of like a pod. I don’t feel like there is a kitchen or much other rooms except the room we are in.

Jo: So it feels open plan?

C: Yes, just enough for a bed and a place to stand and a little door out to a landing. It feels like we are in the trees, like I can look down into the trees of the forest.

Jo: Do you feel you are down low or up high in the trees?

C: Not too high up. It’s like a dome shaped roof – almost like an igloo in the trees made of wood. It’s cosy.

Jo: Do you feel like you would eat inside or outside?

C: I feel like we eat together with the people. I feel like we cook together with the people of the community in the meadow.

Jo: Well let’s fast forward until it’s time for you to eat a meal with the people of the community.......What types of food do you eat in this place?

C: Food like nuts, vegetables, soups….I feel like it is whatever we have grown or can find in the forest. Not meat.

Jo: You don’t eat animals?

C: No. We also eat bread, we make it ourselves.

Jo: How do you pass all of your time from day to day?

C: I get a sense of helping the people and the animals. Life just seems simple here. I spend time walking and looking at the animals. Comfortable time with the people. It feels so safe and joyful, there is a great energy and giving of unconditional loving. I feel at peace with them all. I still see myself taking time out to be with the animals and the butterfly’s but contributing to the community in some way ….through helping grow food and teaching.

Jo: Why do you feel so drawn to the animals in this place?

C: I don’t know, I have always loved animals. Like the deer - they don’t run away when you come near, you can observe and interact with them. It’s like they know who I am as well. There is one deer that keeps coming back to be at my side.

Jo: Let’s move forward to an important day when something else is happening in this place….

C: Something is coming to visit. We are all busy preparing. We are getting some visitors and everyone is very excited!

Jo: What sort of preparations are happening?

C: We are preparing food, everyone is just gathering together. We are telling the children what to expect. We are getting them to be a bit stiller instead of running around playing as much.

Jo: Is it one person coming to visit or a bunch or people?

C: It’s a bunch of people – but they are not like us.

Jo: Tell me more about that – in what way?

C: I feel like it’s a different race of people or beings. They are coming to share information with us – and us with them – so we can learn about each other.

Jo: So it’s an important day?

C: Yes. I feel like they are coming from the sky. They are going to land in our meadow.

Jo: Well let’s fast forward until the visitors arrive. What do you see?

C: Orbs. Orbs floating and they softly land in the grass. You can’t see inside of them. They are not metal or anything, they are sort of light, translucent, opaque, kind of pearly white. They disappear when they land and there are blue people inside.

Jo: Are there many orbs that land?

C: I feel like there are about 10 beings that come down in 3 or 4 different orbs. They are standing there together.

Jo: So they are blue people?

C: Yes, kind of tall and skinny. I’m getting a sense of royality. They are super friendly.

Jo: What do their facial features look like?

C: There is a female type one that is wearing a crown, it’s like a royal family from another galaxy (laughs). I don’t really have a sense of their faces.

Jo: Are they taller than your people?

C: Yes but not by much. They have longer arms and legs. They are wearing some sort of clothing. Like they have matched ours. I feel like we are all going to sit down and share stories and learn about each other. They are loving like us. They co-exist well together.

Jo: Do you feel there is a lot you could learn from them?

C: I don’t know if it is us learning from them, or they are learning from us. It’s sharing on both sides. They may have come to gift us something.

Jo: What happens when you all sit down together? Do they communicate verbally or some other way?

C: I feel like they talk the way we do. We are all sitting around bunched together. They are sitting in front of us, we are all facing each other – the two groups. The one with the crown is doing the talking. They want to give us something. They are going to hand me something. I can’t figure out what it is.

Jo: Does it feel like it’s important?

C: Yes, it’s something we have been waiting for, for a long time. I’m excited for my people. (*still perplexed at what the gift is*). Whatever it is, it’s going to help a lot of people.

Jo: Your people have been waiting for a long time for this?

C: Yes. I feel like I’m responsible for them. Maybe that’s why when I was walking past everyone earlier, I felt like they all knew me. I’m like a spokesperson, that’s why I think they have given the gift to me – it’s ‘’for the people’’.

Jo: After it is handed to you – what do you feel happens next?

C: I feel the word ‘’protection’’ keeps coming to mind. I don’t feel unsafe here or that the animals feel unsafe but I now get a sense of ‘’ease’’ in everybody that we now have this thing.

Jo: The gift they have given you – how do you feel it will help people?

C: It feels like a safety blanket of some sort. Something that will protect so we can keep living in the place that we are. I get a sense of a library – like it contains ‘’information’’. So that we may keep learning and growing. We are here for a reason. It’s like we have passed a test and we are onto a new chapter.

Jo: Do you feel like the blue people are going to be visiting for very long?

C: No. I feel like I know them, like I’ve spoken with them before. They have just come to “check in” and to give us this gift. They will go again soon but it won’t be the last we will see of them, they are helping us. They are happy to see we are happy and doing well.

Jo: Let’s move forward to another important day in that life when something else is happening....

C: We have ‘’activated’’ something. More people are coming, like us, that we can help. It’s like the gift we were given us helped us to be more of a ‘’light beacon’’ to transmit to others that we are here.

Jo: So more people are coming?

C: Lots more people like us, to come and live and stay with us and learn. To be safe with us.

Jo: Where do these new people come from?

C: It’s like they are just walking out of the forest towards us and everyone is welcoming them.

Jo: How do you feel about these new people?

C: Relieved. It’s like they’ve been shown how to get here – I feel like these are people that we have had to leave behind at some stage that are now coming through, they are coming to us now.

Jo: Are these people peaceful?

C: Yes. They have become like us and now they can find us. They are relieved they are coming to stay with us. We can help ‘’explain’’ what is happening – about where they are now. Some are relieved – it’s like they knew what was happening and they are happy to finally be here. There are lots of people reuniting and hugging each other.

Jo: Have they come from quite a different place?

C: A different ‘’time’’ it feels like.

Jo: Do you exist outside of their time?

C: Yes. They still seem the same as we last saw them. It’s like they have been in a stasis or something – not aging. There has been something that needed to happen before…..we had to leave them. Now they are coming through some sort of ‘’doorway’’ that has opened. They can get to us now. They are relieved to finally be here, there are some who are confused and who don’t really understand what has happened. We will help them. It won’t take them long to understand.

Jo: This gift you were given from the blue people, did it help activate or open that doorway?

C: I feel like it did – or maybe it prepared us more for them coming.

Jo: Let’s move forward to another day when something else is happening…what happens next?

C: Teaching. I’m teaching people our way of life. It feels like this has been something I have been working towards. There are kids and animals involved. Teaching the kids to doctor the animals (laughs). Everyone has built their homes, everyone wants the same thing, it’s all still beautiful here.

Jo: So the new people have integrated well?

C: Yes. I was teaching them how to do that integrating, then jumped again to teaching and working with children and animals, I’m helping them develop their abilities in some way.

Jo: Let’s move forward to the last day you can remember in that life, what is happening?

C: I am saying goodbye to everyone.

Jo: What emotions come to you?

C: Joy. Everyone is happy for me, I am happy. I don’t feel sad leaving. I don’t get a sense of my partner still being here.

Jo: Does your body still feel healthy?

C: Yes. I don’t get a sense of ‘’where’’ I’m going. I think I am going to help somewhere else. Just that it is a happy occasion and there is no sadness.

****(we go through the transition of leaving that lifetime and bringing in the ‘’Higher Self’’)***

Jo: What was the importance of that lifetime?

HS: She was a beacon of light for people. She helped others ‘’ascend’’ and showed people how to hold the light. The new people coming, that was them ‘’ascending’’. It was to show her how powerful she can be and how many people she can help.

Jo: Why did she decide to incarnate into this present lifetime she is living now? What did she want to achieve?

HS: She’s here to help others and to teach people there is much more to what they ‘’think’’ they know.

A special thanks to my client for allowing me to share this information with the collective.

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