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Broken Man - Miserable Job

There may not be the “perfect job” in this world where we are happy 24/7 because it’s human to have our challenges. Life is full of highs and lows. However some workers spend more of their waking time at work than they do at home so it is important to not lose sight of that essential work and life balance. If our “being”.......mind, body and soul wakes up every day with a sense of dread or not feeling an ounce of purpose or passion where there once was then the universe is waving a huge red flag at you.

Sometimes we stay “much” longer in a job than the soul can tolerate. Your intuition and physical body begins to give you the warning signals that it’s time to move on to new and better things. Of course it’s not easy to step out of the comfort zone of what is familiar and into the “unknown” especially when you have a family to support.

I've never resonated with the quote “You’ve made your bed, now you have to lie in it”. Life is about change and growth!

In her Quantum Healing Hypnosis session below my client found herself as a middle aged man with a large family to support doing back breaking work in an old steel mill.

Jo: What’s the first feeling that starts coming to you?

C: It’s industrial, I feel like I’m inside a big brick building. There are things going on outside like fires and making stuff.

Jo: So there is a lot of activity going on outside?

C: Yes and inside too. There are big furnaces – it’s like the industrial age. The fires are the furnaces. Machines are making things.

Jo: What does the surface beneath your feet look like?

C: It’s gravelly. I’m wearing work boots and overalls, really sooty black clothing and a hat.

Jo: Does your body feel young, middle aged or old?

C: I’m male and middle aged. My body feels worn out from having to work so much. I’m wearing a cap, it’s like an old cheese cutter.

Jo: Do you feel like you are carrying anything with you?

C: A shovel. I shovel coal into the furnace.

Jo: What other sort of work duties do you have to do in this place?

C: I just shovel the coal. My body feels sore and tired. I get sore hands and sore back and shoulders.

Jo: Are there other people around?

C: There are lots of other people. Some people are shovelling others are welding. They are making and producing stuff.

Jo: Do you enjoy this sort of work?

C: No! I just gotta do it.

Jo: What is the bigger purpose of this work? What are all the furnaces for?

C: They heat….something to make steel. It’s like a steel mill. We have to keep the furnaces to a certain temperature so we can make steel. People then make buildings and bridges with the steel.

Jo: Let’s fast forward to the end of the working day when it’s time for you to return home. What do you see?

C: I see a wooden shack. It’s quite small, there are rows of them. It’s like all the people who work in the factory live in these wooden shacks.

Jo: What about the landscape that surrounds these homes?

C: It’s very black. It’s sooty, gravelly and bleak. No much greenery around.

Jo: What is the climate like where you live?

C: It’s a cool climate. I’m inside now and there’s hardly any furniture. It’s like one big open plan space but it’s sectioned off with curtains.

Jo: Do you live alone or with others?

C: I live with my family. I see a table and chairs and something to cook on. It’s not a modern stove but more like a fire with a hotplate on top of it. There is no electricity and no running water. No toilet. We have to share the toilet.

Jo: How would you access the toilet or running water?

C: There is a pump outside. Everyone uses the pump.

Jo: What sort of food do you eat for your meal time?

C: Cabbage and potatoes. I eat with my family. I have a wife and 4 children.

Jo: What feelings come to you about your wife?

C: I love my wife but she needs to stop having children – they are too expensive! We don’t have much money to feed them. I love my children but they cost too much money. (Note **The client is female in this current lifetime and has been finding it very difficult to conceive**).

Jo: Well how do you pass all of your time day to day in this place?

C: Just working, 7 days.

Jo: You don’t get much time off work?

C: No!

Jo: How do you feel about that?

C: Annoyed. I don’t want to work in this job. I feel stuck, I’m trapped.

Jo: Can you talk to your wife about your feelings?

C: No.

Jo: Let’s move forward to an important day when something is happening – what do you see?

C: It’s my daughters wedding.

Jo: How do you feel about the person your daughter is marrying?

C: I like him, he will look after her. I feel proud. I just wish I spent more time with her before she got married and before she became an adult because I was too busy working.

Jo: What sort of celebrations are taking place at your daughters wedding?

C: Singing, dancing and music. Eating and drinking.

Jo: Do you still struggle financially?

C: Not as much because the kids are old enough to work. I’m still working though and I’m a manager now but it’s hard work because I’m old.

Jo: Let’s move forward to another important day in that life, what is happening?

C: I’m inside, in bed. I’m dying. My body feels tired and broken.

Jo: Are you injured or is your age catching up on you?

C: It’s just my age. My family is here with me.

Jo: What emotions are coming to you as you lay there?

C: Regret, I feel like I wasted a lot of my life just working for nothing. I regret I didn’t spend much time with my family and friends and doing fun stuff.

Jo: Did you feel like you really needed to work all of those days to survive?

C: Yeah.

Jo: Let’s move forward to when your spirit floats outside of the body – you have left the body now, what do you see?

C: My body looks like a shrivelled old man just wasted away!

Jo: What do you feel the importance of that life was now you can view it from a higher perspective?

C: Don’t work so hard! It’s not that important. Spend more time doing the things that you love with the people that you love.

Jo: Do you feel, looking back now that you could of done things differently, even though you were often struggling financially?

C: I could of moved away, I could of tried a life away from the city in the country. Something with fresh air.

Jo: Sometimes people stay in jobs they don’t enjoy…

C: Yes.

(*Later on in the session we communicate with the Higher Self and ask why it showed her this lifetime of the man who worked himself so hard*)

Jo: What did she revisit that lifetime, why did you show it to her?

HS: She works too hard!

Jo: Sometimes we get too caught up in working - what could of he done differently in that life?

HS: He could of looked for other ways, other things to do. It’s not always about working yourself to the bone because in the end you just die. You have to have more balance. Don’t regret your decisions.

Jo: Some humans feel under such pressure to earn a living and stay in jobs they really don’t enjoy.

HS: It’s just make believe – it’s not real. It’s like you don’t need to do it, it’s pretending.

Jo: So people can provide for their families in other ways?

HS: We think we have to be ‘’part of the machine’’ to make someone else rich or for some other reasons that is not ‘’our reason’’. You have to find what “you” really want to do. The people getting rich off you, don’t actually care about you.

Jo: Well what advice would you give that man who was struggling to feed his family but hating his job?

HS: Look for other opportunities. There is always other opportunities.

Jo: What stops people from looking for other opportunities and instead staying in jobs they hate?

HS: They think they have to. They don’t know they have a choice.

***The Clients Higher Self then went on to show her a beautiful lifetime the complete opposite of this one above where she had a lovely balance of working doing something she loved and spending time with her family and friends as well as hobbies. The focus was on “doing what you love”.***

A special thanks to my client for allowing me to share this information with the collective.

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