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Spaceship To Earth Volunteer - A Soul Mission

During a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session clients will come in with a list of questions about their life that they want to explore under hypnosis. It could be their soul purpose, health problems, healing trauma, relationships, spiritual questions or everyday issues they are experiencing in their life. You never know what you are going to get during a session - it may not be what the human you expects to happen but it will be what your soul ''needs''.

My clients Higher Self took her straight to space and from there we were able to learn about her soul mission and explore the being who she truly was before she incarnated here to earth in human form.

Jo: What feelings start coming to you?

C: I feel like I’m floating. It’s dark. My body is floating in the darkness. I can feel sensations in my body.

Jo: Tell me more about that?

C: There is a heavy sensation in my left hand. I can see darkness still.

Jo: Well let’s explore this dark void of possibilities. Do you feel like you would be alone or not alone in this place?

C: I feel like I’m NOT alone. I feel there are lots of other energies around me. All sorts of beings here!

Jo: Do you feel comfortable being around them?

C: Yes. It feels like we work together as a team.

Jo: What feelings come to you about the role you have within this team?

C: I feel I am trying to help. We are all trying to help. We are trying to figure out how to do that together. We are having a meeting or something to figure out a strategy.

Jo: WHO are you all wanting to help?

C: The Earth! We are trying to help Earth.

Jo: So you are in a meeting, how do you communicate with the others in your team?

C: We don’t have to talk, it’s all done telepathically. It feels like we are in a spaceship sitting together in this meeting place. We are discussing strategies.

Jo: Do you feel like you are there in physical form or energy form?

C: I feel we are kind of energy but we still have a shape, almost some sort of human shape that is quite transparent in a way. I can still see the border of my body but it is not solid.

Jo: Do you have a sense about whether you are male or female energy?

C: I feel I am neutral. I don’t have a sex. The others are also neutral. Although I do feel I have a little bit more of a male energy in a way.

Jo: How do you feel about these beings who are the members of your team?

C: I feel some of them I am very close to and some of them less close but we all know each other and work together. It feels like this is a CRITICAL time where we need to come up with something to help. Everyone is trying to work out what is the most efficient way to help the planet Earth.

Jo: Do you have much input in this meeting?

C: Someone is leading the meeting and is expressing the strategy that is the way to go and is trying to get all of our suggestions and comments about whether it is a good thing to do or not. I am just listening and feeling. I don’t have much in mind, I just know that after this we will have to act. We will have to do an action to help.

Jo: What sort of suggestions and information is discussed?

C: Basically saying that we HAVE to go down. That is the best way to do it.

Jo: To go down to Earth?

C: Yes.

Jo: Why is it that Earth needs so much help?

C: The Earth is not moving in the direction that it is supposed to. Lots of plans have failed. This is the plan now and I feel quite sad and compassionate because we just want the people on Earth to have a good life and to be happy (emotional).

Jo: What is stopping the people on Earth from having a happy life?

C: For some reason they don’t remember, they don’t know WHY they are on Earth. They don’t remember WHO they really are. They are asleep.

Jo: Is there anything you and your team can do to make a difference down there?

C: We have been trying to send energy down there. It works only for some people who are able to receive this energy.

Jo: So some people can receive the energy you send but not others?

C: Yes and it’s the majority of the people who are NOT able to receive the energy. Only a small portion of the people can receive this energy and to evolve and learn.

Jo: The people that DO receive the energy, how does that change them?

C: They have information, they have downloads, they are more tuned into their intuition to find the information they need to remember who they are and to help other people. They are not stuck in their ego and are well aware of themselves and others and the planet and things beyond the planet. They are more tuned in to find the information, that is what the energy is for.

Jo: Why are humans down there on Earth so asleep? Why do they find it so hard to remember who they truly are?

C: There is some energy imbalance within the planet. It is not supposed to be like this. It is supposed to be a place to have fun, to enjoy and to learn. With this energy imbalance people are not able to realise who they are, so they are suffering and it is really unnecessary!

Jo: So your team feel the best way is to actually go down there and help?

C: Yes. This is happening, it’s not just our team but also there are other entities or beings that are also part of this plan to try and help the best way we can so people on Earth can get back on track to do what they are supposed to be doing otherwise they are suffering unnecessarily.

Jo: How do you feel about the prospect of you going down to Earth?

C: It’s kind of scary but also exciting in a way knowing that I will not be able to remember all of this but I also have to trust and be confident that I can fulfill my mission. It’s more excitement than anything else actually.

Jo: Do you feel you been to Earth before or would this be your first time in human form?

C: I have been watching the Earth for a LONG time but I’ve never actually lived a life as a human being on Earth. I think I know well enough what’s probably going to happen though.

Jo: How would being in a human body be different to your body where you are now?

C: There are lots of PRIMAL thoughts and feelings that I will be experiencing once I go down there but I don’t have these kind of primal thoughts such as fear or doubt here and I know this is something I will be experiencing. I feel I might have experienced a ‘’similar’’ sort of life before so I feel I can do my mission just fine. It wasn’t the same kind of physical form as on Earth but I’ve had a similar experience before so these are all in my memories and that is why I feel quite excited to go down. I mostly feel compassionate towards the people on Earth.

Jo: Well before you go down there to Earth, tell me how you spend most of your time where you are? What is your purpose?

C: We communicate with others about our jobs, mostly we are looking after planet Earth and observing what is happening down there. I can see some beings from other planets come to us also. It’s almost like this spaceship is some sort of station where they come to and have meetings with us. We give them advice because we have been observing the Earth for a long time. We are pretty knowledgable about what is happening down there so they come to us for advice because some of them who are from other planets are just starting to get involved in helping Earth so they need as much data as possible to sort out what it is they can do to help or to ask us how we think they can help. This is my job to give information to help the planet mainly. All these other beings, they look all different shapes and kinds!

Jo: Tell me more about that?

C: One of them I can see quite clearly now, it has a big head, big black eyes, small nose with very little sharp ears. Kind of a classic alien look. We don’t have to talk, we know what we are both thinking about – it’s how we communicate. I feel these beings are quite new to this planet as I don’t feel quite as familiar with them.

Jo: If they were to observe you, what would YOU look like to them?

C: A transparent body in a way, with the outline of pointy kind of head, I have arms and legs and smallish eyes and a smallish mouth and ears. I have 6 fingers and big long feet. My body is kind of energy form, I’m not wearing anything. Most of the other beings don’t wear anything.

Jo: Are there other planets like Earth, that need as much help?

C: There are quite a few planets that need help. There are beings helping these planets too. I’m here to help Earth. There are planets similar to Earth that look more greenish rather than blue. There is also a planet that looks greyish, I feel it has much lower intelligence, very early stage of life.

Jo: How do you consider the intelligence of humans on Earth to be?

C: Humans are just starting their path. It really takes a long time to learn and to understand. Humans can be so powerful, they don’t realise how much they can be or how much they can create. They just need to trust in themselves.

Jo: How has the planet and its humans gotten to be in such a state where most people are so asleep?

C: There are quite a lot of things that have happened on planet Earth. Mostly it’s just the imbalance of the energy and there are quite a lot of reasons this has happened. We are trying to help in many different ways and aspects to try to get the people back on track so they can enjoy more and not suffer so much. It seems like it has come a little too far that we NEED to do this and go down there and help.

Jo: What do you feel your mission will be when you get there?

C: To raise the vibration of the planet. To figure out and remember why I am there first. To wake people up and bring light to people, to ‘’shine the light onto their darkness’’, THAT is my mission.

Jo: Do you feel like it would take very long for you to wake up to remember who you really are?

C: I’m not sure – I’m confident it shouldn’t take that long. Everyone is helping.

Jo: Why do so many people forget who they are – is it the heavy energy of the planet that keeps them down low so they can’t remember?

C: Yes. This heavy energy is influencing peoples minds, it keeps people asleep. All the “controlling’’ energy there on the planet, trying to control and program the humans. People ARE waking up though. This heavy energy is not going to last very long, we are on the path to liberation and compassion and THIS energy is stronger than the control and fear so we are able to help people because that is what people really desire, although they have forgotten. More people are waking up and that will only lead to more and more people waking up.

Jo: Are there enough beings like yourself going down to Earth to help raise its vibration?

C: Yes there are lots. This is a BIG plan, a big mission. There are ‘’volunteers’’ coming down – many volunteers coming down to earth. Many will stay to help so I’m confident.

Jo: Do you feel your mission on Earth will be a short one or a long one?

C: I feel I am happy to help until the Earth ''is in shape’’. It could be a long journey for me. I have been observing the earth for SO long, I feel so much love and compassion towards the beings there. Experiencing a human life will be a VALUABLE experience for me. It could be one lifetime or a few lifetimes, it depends on what will happen on the planet or what else there is for me to experience and learn.

Jo: So if there are enough souls like yourself to help raise the vibration on earth – how could life then change for earths inhabitants if its vibration were much higher?

C: The whole earth is changing, the whole planet is SHIFTING. The people need to know about this and be aware of this, they are still SO cut off in their dreams, cut off in their everyday life – they don’t see the bigger picture. That’s why we are coming down to tell them this is happening and they need to be aware of this. The change is happening right now – we are in the middle of it. The vibration is getting higher and higher – it’s happening.

Jo: Will your entire team be going down to earth or just some of you?

C: Just some of us, of my team of 12 only 4 or 5 of us are going down that have similar backgrounds because we have all experienced a similar planet life to earth before so we feel more obligated…..or more WILLING to do this because it wouldn’t be “too big” of a challenge for us, that’s how we feel. The others in the team will stay here and will help us.

Jo: Your team of beings will stay where they are now, so how will they help you when you are down there on earth?

C: ‘’They are helping me every night’’.

Jo: Tell me about that?

C: I see my soul come to them, talk to them and I have meetings with them so that I can get myself ready to help the people. They are still sending energies to the beings here who are able to receive it. They are helping me at night and I can see my soul come to them and having some catch ups.

Jo: When you go down to earth – what does that involve? How do you decide where on earth you will go?

C: I go through this place where there are some records......records of everything on earth. I have ‘’chosen’’ this family, chosen this place because it’s probably the easiest in that I don’t need to go through many difficulties in order for me to fulfill my mission.

Jo: So you choose your family specifically that will suit you?

C: Yes and the family life is a very simple, easy and loving place. Very LIBERAL so that is the best path for me to explore myself and to realise what I am here for.

Jo: Do you decide whether you will go in as male or female?

C: I decide to go in as a female. It’s more about observing the earth and seeing ALL the emotions and experiencing it too. Being female I can FEEL more.

Jo: Is there anything you need to do before you go down there to earth and incarnate?

C: It was actually quite fast. I decided and I just....I am on the other side. I see the records and decide where to incarnate. I already have my plan, it feels like I was just ready to come in and it was quite a short process to start and to be born as a baby.

Jo: Describe to me how that would feel being born, into a ‘’human’’ body compared to your natural state?

C: My physical body will be very dense and heavy. I will have to ‘’get used to this’’.

Jo: Well let’s fast forward that scene until when something important is happening, what do you see?

C: I feel I’m in the dark alone, I'm inside somewhere.

Jo: Do you feel safe where you are?

C: I feel I am a baby in the womb, in my mother’s womb. I’m still contemplating my mission, I still kind of remember. I need to enjoy and have fun whatever happens.

Jo: Do you feel comfortable inside the womb?

C: Yes and it’s an interesting feeling of KNOWING this is happening.

Jo: Do you have any feelings come to you about your body that is forming in the womb?

C: I am still quite "tiny" now, just the early stage. My body is healthy.

Jo: Let’s fast forward to when it’s time for you to exit the womb….what is happening?

C: I’m coming out. It’s light. Doctor, people, bright! I’m looking around, I’m not crying, just looking around. It feels kind of cold. At this stage "I don't remember anything anymore".

Jo: You don’t remember your mission?

C: No! I’m just a baby, an innocent baby now.

Jo: Let’s leave that scene now and move forward to another important day in that life when something else is happening – what do you see?

C: I’m back on board the spaceship, looking down on planet earth. It’s SO BEAUTIFUL when you see it from this angle (in awe), almost like it’s ‘’glowing’’ blue. So beautiful!

Jo: What feelings come to you now about the people down there on earth?

C: I hope people are living a good life, that they find themselves back. The planet looks so quiet from here but there is SO MUCH happening down there.

Jo: Is there one part of you still down there in human form?

C: Yes.

Jo: How to you feel that part is going, the human part of yourself down there on earth?

C: It’s going pretty well. Some human things happen here and there but it’s all coming together, it’s working out.

Jo: If you were able to remind the human part of yourself down there on earth what her mission is, what would you say to her?

C: She is doing pretty well, she knows her mission. She is doing what she is supposed to be doing. She just needs to be less attached to things, it’s not important.......relationships, she can be a little caught up in this sometimes and still take it too seriously, that is the source of her suffering and it is SO unnecessary. She knows this! It’s this human part still influencing her and it's strong sometimes but she is getting much much better now compared to before. In fact she will not fall into this trap again, she has already learned so much about how to deal with these things now, we are working on this together – she knows she is not alone. She is NOT alone.

Jo: In her current life here on earth, she said she has a strong need to ‘’always’’ have a partner and ''always'' be in a relationship?

C: Yes. It’s a part of her almost projecting to the wrong direction. She knows she is not alone and she wants to have those partners in human form but REALLY what she wants is to connect with ‘’this being’’ or the ‘’complete part of her’’ which is not on the planet there. She is projecting that to humans – she is starting to realise it now and can let go of it. It’s the desire of her soul to want to come back together. What she wants is an intimate feeling. The intimate feeling is more a feeling of ‘’home’’. This ‘’homeness’’ is where this projection is just an illusion – she can let go of this now, she will be more ‘’complete’’ and realise who she really is.

Jo: When she is not here on earth or spending time on that spaceship, where does her soul really consider to be “home’’?

C: Somewhere in this universe there is a place that is just light, just energy and love. That’s her real home. It’s a BEAUTIFUL place. She can connect to this energy from her heart, she will be connecting more and more. She has just started to connect with her PURE home which is ‘’always’’ there. We guide her to all the information she needs, she can see it in her mind. She needs to trust herself more. NOW she does trust herself even more than ever – I’m very happy and proud of her. She is on the right path.

A special thanks to my client for allowing me to share this information with the collective.

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