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King Of The Sky

Below is a very short excerpt of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session where my client's Higher Self quickly had her consciousness enter into the body of an animal. Experiencing awareness as an animal is a fascinating experience and it is always the VERY LAST THING the person ever expected to occur! It serves as a wonderful reminder that soul consciousness exists in much more than our human form.

J: What is happening?

C: I feel as if I go poof like a bubble and I’m like an eagle flying in the sky. I’m flying like a FREE bird, I see a beautiful valley and hills. It feels SO good! I can feel the wind, I’m going quite fast. There are hills and trees beneath me and beautiful nature. I am AN EAGLE! (surprised) I’m brown and white.

J: What does it feel like to have such a sense of freedom like that?

C: It feels good to be free, not having to worry about anything. I feel like THE KING OF THE SKY! Not having a predator, I feel such a strong male energy.

J: So there are no predators or not much to be scared about?

C: No, there is not much to worry about. I feel very confident flying.

J: Let’s move forward to an important day in the life of this Eagle…what do you see?

C: I see the coast, there is a city by the sea. I’m flying on top of the city and then the ocean. There are a lot of people enjoying the beach. The city looks a bit like Brazil with the big ocean. It's almost as if there is a party down there on the beach. I’m just watching and flying.

J: Is there anything you are curious about when you observe the people down there?

C: It’s VERY crowded. My favourite food of the humans is the pizza. (laughs)

(Note: Later on in the Hypnosis session, we ask her Higher Self WHY it chose to bring forward this brief lifetime for her to experience:)

HS: That is her TRUE nature, strong and free. This is how she should feel inside ALL of the time. You can’t escape your true nature. It’s okay to explore the world and be free and strong.

(I request the Higher Self to assist her in reconnecting to that sense of freedom and strength she experienced as the Eagle and merge that back into her being).

J: Sometimes she feels an inner battle going on inside with the longing to feel settled and have a home base to live at but she also the INTENSE longing to travel and be free - how will she find that balance?

HS: She can find a balance when she meets someone who makes her FEEL like settling down or after having enough travel that she feels like resting. We are not hiding our inner nature but instead expressing it. She is very good at listening to her inner guidance and going with the flow and trusting in life. Listen to her intuition and what her heart REALLY wants.

J: When she was a young girl lying in bed one night she saw an Elf like creature. She has always wondered if that was her imagination or a real being that she saw?

HS: It was a projection or message from the “world of magic”. To open her curiosity that there is more to explore and things are not just as they appear to be. It was symbolic.

A special thank you to my client who allowed me to share this information with the collective.

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