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Unmasking The Authentic Self

My clients often come in with questions about their lives during their Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions. Once they are in “trance” the Higher Self (or as some might prefer to call it the “subconscious”) is then able to give that person deeper wisdom and guidance because their ego mind has taken much more of a passenger seat role rather than the drivers seat. This enables the client to access higher levels of their soul consciousness. My client had me ask her Higher Self questions about some life worries as well as a physical issue that had been the source of embarrassment for many years:

J: She wanted to know about a physical issue that has been really bothering her. It’s when she feels she is being looked at by people - her face blushes and goes bright red and hot and it is really effecting her day to day life, why is that?

HS: She needs to stop HIDING. She has hidden for so long, it has become a big taboo thing.

J: What is she hiding from though?

HS: Herself! The way she appears and being afraid of not working hard enough (*client was an at home mum*), not doing enough, not BEING enough, not knowing enough. She knows she is capable of so much but on a deep level she does not feel she is worthy because everybody else is working so hard. She is not “called” to work hard! At the same time she feels guilty and “ashamed” that she is not doing enough. She has always felt different, never wanted to stand out and this is “forcing” her to deal with that.

J: So when she begins to accept this, will her symptoms begin to go away?

HS: Yes, she just won’t think of it any more and IF it does happen she should acknowledge it and not try to hide from it.

J: She has been trying to put herself out there in more social situations but it has still been happening.

HS: The more she gets on her path, does her healing work and “plays” more, then the more she will connect with who she really is, her power and the less self conscious she will feel in social situations and it will be much less likely to occur. She is always comparing herself but she will have many great stories to tell and she won’t be embarrassed about that. The mind is very powerful though so she will need to love herself through it. If she practices meditation she will naturally calm her nervous system down and it will become more and more of her natural state and she won’t be on that “high alert” that she usually is and it will help.

J: What about her worries of financial abundance?

HS: The money will come through many forms and not always in what she is doing but as long as she is focusing on having fun and bringing joy she will be a magnet for it, she will always be looked after. She needs to let go of the idea that you have to work hard to be worthy. It’s not working hard, it is ‘playing’ and that is a big contribution. She never sees the contribution that she is making and she hasn’t allowed herself to have fun because everyone else seems to be working so hard for their living and she feels as though she doesn’t deserve to have fun because everybody else is working so hard but that is exactly what she needs to do and she has never allowed it. She needs to because it is a huge contribution. Other people don’t have to see it – she has to KNOW it. She doesn’t need a title, that is for everybody else. She wants one though (laughs). It’s not about working hard, it is about bringing in the lightness and joy. S he won’t need a title because the work she will be doing will make a difference and she will start to see it and that will be enough.

J: How can she can overcome fear?

HS: Love it! The more she plays and spends time enjoying herself the less and less the fear will come in because she will be on a different vibration to it and when fear presents itself, she just has to remember to love it. That IS the challenge - bringing light energy to the darkness.

J: Thank you, are there any other areas in her body that need attention?

SC: We are sending love to her heart. It is not sick, it just needs some love.

A special thank you to my client who has kindly allowed me to share this information with the collective.

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