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Why Do I Have Anxiety And How Can I Overcome It?

When clients attend a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session, I ask them to bring in a list of questions that are bothering them (or they are curious to know) about their lives. These questions are the “intention” we set before we begin the hypnosis session. We are seeking to connect to the Higher Self to bring forth much needed wisdom, guidance and healing for that person. The issue of anxiety is something I so often see on the list of questions that people bring in. During the Quantum Healing we will work on healing the energy body to clear away old accumulated energies, emotions and thought patterns from the past and present that no longer serve us. In a recent session with a client of mine, she wanted me to ask her Higher Self about where her anxiety was originating from and this is what it had to say….

J: What is the reason for her anxiety and how can she overcome it?

HS: It’s her fear of being alone. Not really alone in the way that is normally understood more like alone on a bigger scale. She is yearning to connect with her tribe on earth. To find her place.

J: How can she overcome the anxiety that comes up?

HS: She needs to let go of the control. Trying to control who she is friends with, control about her future, control about everything. She needs to surrender and understand that no matter what happens it is the right thing. She is holding on to this idea of how things should ‘look like’ and ‘be like’ and ‘feel like’. When that image and expectation is not aligned with the reality she is getting overwhelmed. The problem is she needs to let go of all of the expectations and trust that everything will be fine and she will be safe no matter what happens.

J: There are so many people out there in the world right now that are experiencing anxiety or trying to gain a sense of control over their outside world even though the only thing that is certain in this life is change.

HS: Yes. Instead of resisting that change you should embrace it.

J: Are there any other activities that people can do to help lessen their anxiety when they feel it bubbling up?

HS: She needs to spend more time alone in nature. Have more time for spontaneous things rather than having everything scheduled. She must also make sure she has time alone everyday to restore and recover so she won’t drain all her energy and that way she will also be able to listen to her own needs and align with her true self.

J: Why are there so many young people in the world who also experience overwhelming anxiety at this time?

HS: This is not an easy time to be on the planet. There are very big changes happening and there is a lot of low frequency energy, structures and things in place that are still completely based in fear and controlling people with fear. Anxiety is just a way for the soul to kind of scream for help that everything is not okay. It’s a cry for help so to speak that the structures and environment that we have need to be changed. Anxiety is often considered an individual issue of that one specific person but it is mostly a collective cry for help which might seem negative but in the end the change only comes if there is some motivation for change. If we are too comfortable in the way things are at the moment no one will want to change anything.

J: Is there anything else people can do to help overcome these feelings?

HS: Yes, they have to find what is true for them and not living by what they have been told is the right thing to do, whatever that might be. What anxiety really is just your true self not being aligned with your personality self and that’s what creates the anxiety. Deep down the soul knows things are not how they should be but we don’t really know how they should be in our conscious mind, we just have that feeling that something is out of balance. There are different types of anxiety – it might be the collective or it might be your individual trauma, it depends. Either way it's an issue that needs to healed, it’s making itself so loud that it needs to be dealt with.

*A special thank you to my client who allowed me to share this information with the collective".

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