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A Spiritual Perspective On Addiction

An addiction is something many people in the world struggle with at some stage in their lives. (It could be drugs, smoking, alcohol, gaming, pornography, food, gambling). It's not easy to be a human being living on the planet right now. Maybe you are trying to soldier through life carrying a heavy trauma from the past, the loss of a loved one, money problems, a job you dread, self hate, health or relationship issues?

Whatever it is you are carrying, in the early stages of addiction you may feel you have a handle on it because it’s only directly effecting you, however if your emotions are continually swept under the carpet as time goes by the carpet not only ends up with a huge lump underneath it but the dependency then grows into something that is almost its own entity negatively effecting your life but also the other people around you too. It takes a serious toll on your body physically, mentally and spiritually before you realise just how quickly it all spiralled out of control.

My client was already on her path to healing having done a lot of inner work on herself and together with her strength and determination along with the help of others she was able to overcome a major problem with alcohol. During her Quantum Healing Hypnosis session she wanted me to ask her “Higher Self” about why she experienced such a dark and difficult time with alcohol in her life. This is the insight her Higher Self had to give her...

J: It's under control now but in the past she has had a history of a dependency on alcohol - what can you say about why she had to experience that?

HS: She had to learn how to stop "excessive behaviour". She had to learn how to fall down very hard and how to get back up again and she has learnt it. She has met other people on her journey and she has also been helping others with their journey too. It was a lesson. She is helping others by the empathy she got from it.

J: Does she need to stay away from it forever or will she ever be able to drink in moderation?

HS: She needs to stay away from it, she can't keep going back.

J: Are you able to help her please if she were to find herself having any desire for it in the future?

HS: We can help her. We will help her recognise when she feels like she needs to have a drink that it is best to have a cup of tea instead. There are several reasons why people drink - the main ones are to escape problems and the other is to relax.

J: Does drinking also lower our spiritual vibration?

HS: Drugs and alcohol do. They are here for a reason to learn lessons of addiction, sorrow and escape. It is an easy "out" that's what it is - easy!

(Thank you to my client for allowing me to share this information with the collective).

*If this post has resonated with you on a personal level, begin to focus on what you have to “gain” from letting go of the addiction rather than what you have to lose. If you are ready and willing to receive help, now is the time to contemplate taking the first step in your own healing journey by seeking the assistance of a hypnotist, holistic healer, support group or medical professional.*

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