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The Spiritual Connection Between Dogs And Humans

When my clients attend a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session they are really seeking to do some soul searching in different areas of their lives. It can be healing for their emotional, physical or spiritual body as well as connecting to a deeper level of their soul wisdom - what we might call "the Subconscious or the Higher Self" in order to understand or perceive a wiser cosmic perspective when it comes to their human life they are living at this time.

My client wanted me to ask his Higher Self why dogs are so very special to him in this life and this is what it had to say...

J: Why does he have such a special connection with dogs in this life?

HS: I’m familiar with dogs, they exist elsewhere. We have been friends a long time. We are all friends.

J: So dogs not only just exist here on earth, they exist in other places as well?

HS: Very close to, yes. Very close to the same form. They exist elsewhere with the same energies, they are created with the same energies that they have here on Earth. It is the loving energies, they express love and absorb so much but still give love back. They were sent here to be an example, to help us all understand what unconditional love can be. If we would only just watch them, listen to them and interact with them more, we would understand more about ourselves, that is what they are here for. They were put here on purpose and it’s why they are so close to us. They need us as much as we need them. They need our love and attention and they give back so much more than they receive, that is what we learn from them.

They take their suffering all in their stride, they take it ALL and still behave the same way because they love us and still want to play with us. They are just wonderful, wonderful creatures. They are on their own path as well, they have a spiritual journey too. Their spirit and our spirits join together in partnerships so that we can teach each other how to love. They are a wonderful creature.

J: What are some of the other lessons dogs learn here on their spiritual journey with humans?

HS: Dogs are learning the same thing that we are learning. Learning how to bring in the light and how to react to the cruelty, how to react to the darkness. They react better to it than we do yet they still do it with love whereas we get caught up in it sometimes, we get caught up in all its karma and dogs don’t do that. Dogs seem to understand it on a basic level how to respond with love. They are so wonderful, we should strive to understand them more. Coming here for them is not easy but they do it for us. They are a GIFT.

(*Now the conversation turns to my clients own dog)… He is the king of all gifts, he is something special in the dog world. He has so much love in that little body of his, it’s overflowing with it! When people see that in him, straight away they are drawn to him, it makes them smile and laugh, they want to touch him and pat him because they sense that love in him. He is very, very special in the dog world. (*overwhelmed with emotion). I’m so lucky to have him with me, teaching me, he is wonderful wonderful little fella. He makes me smile just thinking about him.

J: The love of a dog, that is something that money can’t buy!

HS: That’s right, I would have him any day of the week over money. Money is nothing. The connection is everything, you can’t buy it. He is learning a lot from me too apparently.

J: What has his spirit been learning from your journey?

HS: I’ve reached a point now in this short life where I’ve learned a lot about dark and light, I feel like I’ve learnt what I’ve come here to learn and now it’s just a matter of passing it on. Even in just this one lifetime, I think I understand it. Not having to come back all the time again and again to learn the lesson because I feel I’ve learnt it already and I’m happy about that. I am so happy that I have been able to understand it so quickly. Things are happening very fast now on earth and it’s much easier to learn when things are happening quickly. That’s why I came at this time. I think I have done a good job, I am sort of pleased knowing that, it makes me feel good. I feel good that I’ve learnt so much and I can now give that back. It’s a good feeling.

I also feel I shouldn’t ever hold back about what I feel about things, about what’s right and what’s wrong. Not to keep it within me. Say it. Just saying it sets off a spark in people, it wouldn’t be there otherwise, it sends them on a journey too. I have to stop holding back and keeping it inside. Speak the truth – that is the message coming through that I can do more of in the future. Not only to spread the light but to speak the truth because truth is never wrong. You are never bad speaking the truth, you can’t be bad, it’s impossible. The truth sends the darkness away, it can’t survive when you are speaking the truth no matter how many people attack you, it doesn’t matter, the truth is the truth. Spreading the light and speaking the truth is all you have to do.

*A Special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this information*

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