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Earth - The Place Of Extremes

During my client's Quantum Healing Hypnosis session he found himself having an incredible exhilarating and emotional experience floating as pure energy throughout the expanse of the universe. During this time he felt what it was like to be part of the cosmic consciousness and we were able to ask that consciousness some questions about his life. Below is a small excerpt from that session when I asked the question about why his soul decided to incarnate here to earth.

J: Let’s ask this incredible cosmic energy to send you a feeling of why it is so hard to feel a sense of belonging here in this life you are living now?

C: (laughs) It’s saying that I’m young to this planet and not experienced here, I’m still learning and that I don’t understand earth and its ways. It confuses me and I’d rather not be here.

J: Can it help you remember why you decided to come here?

C: My face is tingling, I’ve got tingles everywhere! Yes, I came here to experience a different place, a place of EXTREMES. Earth is a way to experience because the extremes here are at their PEAK, it’s a special time to be here. I’m going numb all over, my hands are numb. (*clients bodies can react quite strongly to the physical sensations of cosmic energy flowing into the body during their sessions).

J: What have you learnt about the extremes fear and hate?

C: I don’t like it, WHY are people like this, I don’t like it and don’t want to be around it. It’s awful! I came here to experience, so I guess I have to.

J: Let’s ask the creator energy to help you understand more about what can be learned from the extremes of hate and fear?

C: It says I can only truly understand LOVE if I understand the depths of how the opposite can go. If I see that and understand the exact opposite then I will understand how wonderful love really is and the wonderful things that goodness can create. There are TERRIBLE things that the blackness can create but it gives me the contrast of the two otherwise I wouldn’t TRULY understand, I could only conceptualise it otherwise.

Here on earth you can see the depths of hate and depravity that things can get to, the hate, the murder, the torture, the things people do to each other, it gives you such a contrast and makes the understanding much deeper and it makes you want to LOVE EVEN MORE! That’s why I am here (*sudden realisation) because I want to understand it more and bring that understanding to others more – others who haven’t had the opportunity to be here, I can bring that back to them so that they understand too. That’s why I am here to bring that back!

J: So there is a lot to learn from this place of extremes?

C: Yes. Oh my body is tingling all over and I’m going numb!

J: Well your body is FULL with energy - let’s ask it if you have been fulfilling your purpose so far?

C: It’s laughing. YES. I’ve been doing a lot. I’ve experienced some of the pain I came here to do and I’ve learned from it so yes, I’m fulfilling my purpose. I understand a lot more than I did before on a much deeper level. (giggles) Of course I am fulfilling my purpose!

J: What should you be focusing on right now to lead your most purposeful life in the future?

C: Just keep doing what I am doing, it’s all I have to do. Keep sending out the LOVE. Watch the darkness and understand it and bring the light against it. Shine the light on the darkness so it retreats so that wherever there is light, it can’t be dark. It’s all you have to do is keep bringing the light and keep doing what you have been doing. Nothing else matters, whatever else happens, it doesn’t matter as long as you have the light and try to bring the light to others. It’s as simple as that.

*A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this information with the collective.

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