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Trauma From The Hands Of Another

Have you ever experienced some form of trauma and abuse in your life at the hands of another person? Maybe it was physical, sexual, verbal or psychological? It can be a wound we carry for a lifetime or one we bury never to be remembered again.

My client had some memories of a traumatic experience resurface during his hypnosis session. His Higher Self was able to bring those memories to the surface during hypnosis as it was time for some needed healing.

(I won’t mention the actual experience – but as follows was the higher spiritual perspective that came through to him during his hypnosis session).

J: If you were to take the emotion out of it and look at the whole situation from a wiser spiritual perspective, what do you feel your soul really learned from that traumatic experience?

C: The pain one person can give to another. The self hate than one can pass on to another. It’s awful and horrible, it’s evil. I had to “know” it in this life so that I could experience it and then get rid of it. They just want love, they are looking for love but they DISTORT love into something else. They haven’t "evolved" enough to understand it, so they distort it. They try to make it something they can understand but they learn too from every one of those experiences – just a little bit of light shines in there every time and they “eventually” understand. The more light you can get to them the quicker they will heal. They are lost souls, they have lost themselves in the darkness of earth – they are so far gone that they don’t experience love at all very often, all they experience is the darkness. The best thing is to give them love, don’t condemn then. Show them the way out, speak the truth and spread the light, it’s all you have to do.

J: Just like when you were a teenager and found yourself lost down that long dirt road – some people are so far down that road and lost that they can’t find their way back again.

C: That’s right, they have gone so far down that the light doesn’t shine there very often. They don’t get to see the light very often, they even mix with their own so they can’t see it at all. They don’t mix with people who have more of the light, in their own sick way they think that they want to control people who have the light. The darkness in them holds them back, it doesn’t want them to see the light and see how things can be. So it’s up to you to show them the light – they are lost souls, they are good souls but they are lost. They "do" bad things but they are not bad souls, all they need is the light shined on them, it’s all they need.

J: When these souls finish their lives here on earth, do they look back and regret their actions of what they have inflicted on other people?

C: In a way - it takes time, it depends how far out of the darkness they have come. They keep having to come back here to Earth to experience time and time again until the light is sparked in them again, until it is IGNITED within them again. Once it is ignited again it grows rapidly, the more experiences of the light will come to them and the more they recognise it the more they will want to see it. It will come again and it will slowly, slowly build in them again until all of a sudden the light starts feeding on itself and they can escape. All I can do is send that person love, I don’t blame them, I know they are a good soul they just need more light shone on them, more love, so I love that person for teaching me the lesson they did and for the good soul that they are.

J: Sending that soul more love is going to shine more light on the step for them rather than more darkness?

C: That’s what I hope, that the light I can shine on them is the spark that they need. There is forgiveness everywhere and they don’t have to feel bad about themselves, all they have to do is look towards the light and they will find forgiveness. That’s what the light IS, it’s just forgiveness, every experience is just an experience, you don’t have to feel bad about the experience.

J: So this trauma was just one of many experiences you have had in this life?

C: Yes, they were all meant to be. I CHOSE them. I chose them and I got through them – that’s good, I’m pleased! Now I feel my job is just to spread the light, spread happiness, spread goodness, spread the truth, just be myself, that’s all I have to do now. It’s easy now (laughs), it’s all I have to do. I feel like I have purpose now and I "had" to go through this to spread the purpose, it wouldn’t of worked otherwise, it wouldn’t of been as good or as strong.

J: We humans are emotional beings though and we attach good or bad to an experience.

C: Our emotional bodies are what we come here to earth for because it’s how we experience good and bad in the extremes. These bodies are SO emotional and these bodies experience the dark and light in such extremes that we learn our lessons very quickly if we want to. Sometimes things go wrong and we fall into the darkness more and more but there IS a way out, there is always a way out – it just takes more time for some. Just look for the light no matter what happens and you will be okay, it’s all you have to do in any situation, no matter what look towards the light. Ask for the light to guide you and that’s all you need, it’s not as hard as you think it is, we are just so emotional in these bodies of ours that we get carried away by the extremes. It’s not complicated, it’s simple and that’s the message.

*A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this with the collective.

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