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The Raw Intensity Of Physical Form

During a recent Quantum Healing Hypnosis session my client had an interesting experience where he would incarnate here on earth as a human being and various other physical forms such as lava and rocks. When each existance was complete he would leave the physical form and return to his natural state which was a pure “energy being”. His insight on the comparisons of what it felt like to be in solid physical form compared to non physical form were quite interesting! Below is a small excerpt from that hypnosis session where I am conversing with his energy being perspective.

J: How do you enjoy the experience of being in physical human form compared to having all the freedom of being a pure energy being?

C: It is pretty intense! It’s like everything is a struggle compared to what it’s like in our consciousness here. If you go into a human body you have a “need” to survive, you have to eat and drink to survive, you have to fight to survive, it’s short, intense, raw, painful but the sensations are intense almost like a drug.

J: That intensity, is that in a good way or a bad way?

C: Good! It’s good because of the intensity whereas if you sat as a rock for a thousand years it’s not exactly intense, it’s pretty bland however as a human being it could be 5 years, 50 years or 80 years but in that period of time you have to fight the whole time, there is a lot of “doing” rather than just sitting or “being”, it’s hectic!

J: Is there any “doing” when you are just pure energy?

C: It is more “being”. There is no real rush or intensity, it’s very “calm”, very deliberate, very controlled. It doesn’t “appear” to be controlled because you can alter realities but it’s still very deliberate. Being a human is not deliberate and can be affected by so many factors that are outside of your control.

J: So “being” energy, is that our more natural state compared to when we are in physical human form “doing”?

C: Yes definitely, as human it is a whole different plane, it’s exciting but it’s dense and raw and it’s hard to assimilate.

J: Do most energy beings enjoy the human experience then or not?

C: I think you would have to ask other beings really as everybody has got their own choice. I think it is fun, it’s a different sort of experience really to be used to the max, it’s an intensity most other realms just don’t have.

J: Planet Earth for example, why is it such a busy place in terms of having to “do” so much?

C: You have to “do” to survive, if you chose to do nothing you could be dead within 2 weeks (laughs) so it’s raw, there is no control and you can’t as “easily” manifest outcomes in the human form as you could in the other dimensions and realms.

J: So it is still possible to manifest here on earth but it’s just not as easy?

C: Yes, it’s harder to push through the density that surrounds that whole earth realm, there are a lot of different competing or clashing energies sitting in there which is part of what makes it so raw and exciting but it also makes it confusing and chaotic.

J: What sort of information or learning do you want to gather from your experiences of being in human form?

C: How to deal with different emotions and different subtleties and sometimes you’re just going there for a break. I’m going to take a short break and go there and do the human thing for a while just to mix things up a bit and have some excitement. Floating down a lava river may sound interesting but if you do that for a couple of hundred years it’s a bit boring, there is no depth or intensity, well the level of excitement isn’t there as it’s very calm, very peaceful and loving which is great and I like to be in that space but there are too many other things to enjoy.

J: Why do beings choose to come to such a challenging place like earth when they could choose to be in a much more calm and loving place in the universe?

C: I think the ultimate goal “is” to create a loving environment on earth which we have done in many other places but at the moment it’s not and it is going to take a lot of time. We don’t “control”, we experience, there are other beings apart from us doing different jobs on earth but they’re not necessarily related to us and we don’t necessarily know who they all are either.

J: How do you feel about choosing a particular human experience where there might not be as much “love” as what a another human experience may offer you?

C: I’m pretty ambivalent really, it’s just an experience, the love side is better but an experience is an experience. It’s nothing new or bad about it, it’s just an experience! Yes in human terms the experiences might be horrific but “here” it’s just something else for the collective, something different.

J: It’s just an experience for the collective but when the energy beings become humans they can still forget that ”big perspective” because humans can get so caught up in their emotions here on earth, especially the hard lessons they might be learning. What is the purpose of us all experiencing pain and trauma?

C: It’s part of the universe – it just is, there is no right or wrong to it, it’s just what it is. It’s like saying you don’t accept that there is the sun coming up in the morning because you don’t necessarily agree with it - it just is! In our space there is no right or wrong, it just IS.

*A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this information with the collective*

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