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Taking On Other People's Emotions

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed, emotional, anxious or depressed? I'm sure we all do at times, it’s a normal part of processing and integrating what's going on in and around us in our human lives but we must be mindful that we're often carrying MUCH more than we need to, not just our own stuff but other people’s too. During my clients Quantum Healing Hypnosis session we asked her Higher Self about putting boundaries in place to protect her from taking on other people’s emotions as her own, below are the pearls of wisdom it had to give us.

J: Lately she has also been feeling like crying a lot, are they her own emotions she's feeling or other people’s?

HS: They are hers but that is because she takes on everything else as her own, it transmutes “into” her and becomes part of her. She is “aware” but she sometimes blames others for putting their emotions onto her but it’s her own choice, she needs to learn to put up boundaries and protect herself more, protect her energy because she is very sensitive. She just needs to let out whatever she is feeling, releasing it, everything is being released right now, she will be okay. It’s all part of her lesson, she wanted to know what it was like to be “human” so she is getting the full experience. She needs to learn how to balance her emotions and her energy because her anxiety is misplaced energy.

J: If in the future she was to take on someone else’s emotions, what is a good way for her to release that which is not her own at the end of each day?

HS: She needs to have a shower and imagine everything being washed off her, everything that is not hers being washed away and being released back into the universe. If she feels like someone is “taking” her energy or if she is “absorbing” someone else’s energy she needs to remove herself from the situation, she doesn’t feel like she can do that at the moment but she can. She has put others first for a long time and it’s time for her to put herself first, say "no" if she doesn’t want to do something or say "no" if she doesn’t agree, just speak her truth, she is getting better at it. She needs to ground herself if she feels drained, go stand out in nature or the garden, connect with the earth, she has been told this before but she doesn’t listen. Do more of these things because at the moment she’s not really trying to help herself, she is just waiting for something to happen but she knows only “she” can help herself.

J: Is there anything else she can to do protect herself moving forward?

HS: She needs to be more “conscious” of who she welcomes into her energy, she sometimes doesn’t know who is good for her and who is not, she tries to help too many people when sometimes they don’t even ask for it and she’s just using even more of her energy doing that, her energy is very precious and she needs to understand that and value it. She is not just a regular person, she is a light worker who is here to help others but she needs to remember to help herself too.

*A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this with the collective.*

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