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Strength And Comfort In The Darkest Of Times

My client initially booked her Quantum Healing Hypnosis session wanting to lose some weight and work on getting rid of comfort foods in her diet but what we discovered is that there is always a reason we have particular habits or personality traits as we acquire these over many lifetimes - our soul is an accumulation of ALL of our experiences. My client and I were both surprised at what unfolded during her hypnosis session and I have included a small excerpt of that experience below.

C: It’s the daytime and I don’t know where I am.

J: Do you have a sense of whether your body is male or female?

C: Male, I feel weak - I think I’m young but I “feel” weak and old, I’ve got bare feet and they’re dirty.

J: What does the surface feel like underneath your feet?

C: It’s cold and wet and I’m wearing loose clothing that are like pajamas, I can hear the trains and I’m scared.

J: Why do you feel scared, is there anyone else with you?

C: It’s just me and I’ve run away.

J: Why does your body feel weak?

C: I’m starving!

J: What do you see outside around you?

C: A railway track, it’s cold, I’m touching my head, it’s shaved and I can smell dirt and smoke.

J: You said you felt like you were running away from something, are you actually running?

C: I’m walking very quietly and hiding.

J: What are you trying to get away from?

C: The Germans!

J: Do you feel safe yet?

C: No (softly)

J: Let’s condense time a little and move forward until something is happening, what do you see?

C: A lady has seen me and she wants to help, she saw me in the field, she’s being very quiet and not speaking but she just ushered me over, she’s hanging out the washing at her house on the farm, she has pulled me aside and given me some food.

J: What food does she give you?

C: I’m so starving, she gives me some bread and warm soup, she takes me inside, her husband is not there, it’s just her.

J: What happens after you finish your meal, do you stay inside the house or leave?

C: She washes my face and she let’s me go upstairs to sleep but when I wake up her husband is there, he is looking at me and he’s worried, they are German and scared.

J: How do you feel?

C: I’m sad and scared too, I’m leaving their house now, I carry some food and they also give me some trousers, shoes and socks to wear. I leave at dusk and it’s cold outside, I need to hide, there are people looking for me. There are lots of fields around, my legs are tired, I think I’ll need to stop soon and eat, I’ve got some milk to drink and I need to sleep.

J: Where do you sleep for the night?

C: I sleep outside in the field, the grass is long and I’m hidden. (pauses as morning arrives) It’s warm now the sun is coming out.

J: Let’s move forward to an important day in that life when something is happening, what are you doing?

C: The soldiers are leaving the village, everyone is so happy and singing and dancing!

J: Where are the soldiers going to?

C: They’re going home back to Germany, it’s over, I’m in the village and a lady has just hugged me and given me a kiss, people are happy, eating and drinking wine and dancing, I feel safe and free!

(we move forward to another day in that life)

C: I got married!

J: Can you tell me more about that?

C: I feel a lot of happiness, her name is Maria, she has dark black hair, her skin is beautiful and she is kind and her family are at the wedding with us. Maria sews and I help her dad in his bakery, I enjoy it and I like her dad, he’s kind.

J: What about your family, were they at the wedding?

C: No, I don’t know where they are. (pauses) I can see some papers, a death notice, my mother is dead, she got killed (softly) I’m sad and crying.

(moving forward to another day)

C: My wife has given birth to a baby girl.

J: Where is the baby born?

C: At the house, my wife is very tired but she’s strong, I’m happy and we name her after my mum – “Elena”. There is much happiness and Maria’s family have come to the christening.

(moving forward to another day)

C: I’m at the church, there are lots of people here and it’s my father in law’s funeral, I’m very sad and the whole town is sad.

(moving forward again)

C: I see children, they’re singing and playing, there are lots of decorations, it’s a party and I feel proud, it’s Elena’s birthday, my wife is with me and we are very happy.

J: Let's fast forward to the last day that you can remember in that life, what are you doing?

C: I feel old and I’m laying in bed, my wife, daughter and son in law are with me.

J: Your daughter is married now?

C: Yes and he’s a good man. I’m quite unwell, my stomach hurts and I’m about to go.

(Client leaves the body and finds themselves in spirit form)

J: Now that you can look down at that life from a much wiser perspective, what do you feel you learned from that experience?

C: (softly) Happiness and Love.

J: It didn’t start off that way when you were being chased by the German’s but you found happiness and love in the end.

C: Yes I did.

**(We now invite in the Higher Self to ask further questions)**

J: Why did you bring forth that lifetime for her to experience today?

HS: It was about strength, love and connection – she is strong!

J: She was starving in that life, could that be part of the reason she has some issues with her weight or comfort eating?

HS: Yes it is - she should eliminate bread and fried foods from her diet, drink more water and be sensible with good food only - eat clean fresh food.

(interestingly enough the client "loves" eating comfort food like bread in this lifetime, very apt considering he worked in a bakery for his father in law after he escaped the concentration camp).

(We ask the Higher Self to do some chakra clearing and to help heal the desire for unhealthy comfort foods that no longer serve her body)

J: Is there anything she can do to help increase her energy?

HS: Walking is good. Smoking has been affecting her throat and it means she can’t sing as well, she needs to sing more often as it will lift her vibration, if she feels the desire for cigarettes we will send her a sign – a dry throat. Not too much alcohol either, remember to look after your health.

J: Sometimes she finds her job to be not very challenging, is there anything she could do that would be more fulfilling?

HS: Working with the people of the land, supporting the indigenous people and study like social work.

J: What areas could she help the indigenous people with most?

HS: Food, clothing and the health of their babies.

J: What lessons is she learning in the current lifetime?

HS: To look after people, to be kind and grateful - she’s on the right path, don’t be too serious and keep living the fairy tale.

***A special thank you to me client for allowing me to share this with the collective***

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