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A Changing World And "The Event"

During a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session we tune in to the client’s Subconscious or as I often refer to as the Higher Self. This is the all knowing part of ourselves that is often drowned out by our busy conscious mind throughout the day and it has much wisdom and healing to bring forward when we can get deep and relaxed enough to access it. During a recent hypnosis session with a client of mine her Subconscious had a lot it wanted to impart to us in regards to the changes we are seeing in the world at the present time as well as something interesting coming soon that humans will experience called “The Event”. Below is an excerpt from that session which I hope may bring you some inner peace or resonate with you in some way.

SC: She’s not to worry. All her fears about the world ending are not true. Yes it might look like the world is crumbling but the old has to crumble before the new comes in and the new is already here.

J: Almost like cracking open an egg, the outer layer has to fall away first?

SC: The outer layer has been corrupted, it’s a glitch. That’s when you say “love always wins” because that eggshell is so fragile but the people IN the glitch think it’s really strong. The corrupted ones will face what they have to face, do not focus on them as they are not worth your energy. Things will get even more ridiculous but people will start to see.

J: What does this have to do with her purpose of being here at this time on earth?

SC: Her unique energy needs to be grounded into the earth as does every single person on this planet. Her purpose is unveiling itself. It’s time to bring love back. To BE in her power which also allows others to be in theirs. She will be teaching others to be firm in who they are – to love who they are. The more she can love herself, the more people around her can feel that and that allows them to do the same. Space has needed to be created. That’s what lockdowns have been about, not just for her but for everyone, space to create, to bring up the fears and to release them because the next part is not to be brought, the baggage is not to come along.

J: That makes sense that the lockdowns have created space for everyone to bring their fears up to the surface.

SC: Yes and there is something that is going to happen. People call it “The Event”, we are not to say what it is exactly because it’s not to be known until it’s there. The fears can’t come along. There are still fears but a lot of them have been cleared and that has had to happen before this Event occurs. The Event is going to turn on a lot of parts of the brain that are no longer used or have been dormant.

J: Could this Event improve the quality of life for humans or their overall state of wellbeing?

SC: I’m seeing Starlings or birds. You know how birds move, they move as one but they are all separate, well that’s how we are going to be moving. We can all hold our own space, hold who we are, hold our differences yet still move as one. These parts of the brain will also help create new things. Technology will be advanced, things will come back. Energy will come.

J: Could we humans use technology in a more mindful way, a more conscious way than what we are currently?

SC: Yes, everyone will be more conscious. There will be some though that won’t be able to handle it, they will lose their mind but they will be looked after though. For most people it’s that part which is deep deep within the brain that will be switched back on. Humans will be more conscious and mindful of what we do and how we treat the earth and how we treat each other.

J: So it’s like dormant parts of us will come online again?

SC: Yes, this will happen in her lifetime, it is close. We can’t tell you when but this is close.

J: What is causing the Event to happen, is this a comic thing or a gradual raising of frequencies here on earth?

SC: It’s both, as above and so below. It’s coming from within the earth and up through. It’s also coming down from the cosmos and through the humans and into the earth. Both have to happen at once. The earth is already shifting, you can feel it and she can feel it. The hive mind as you put it is not the true mind, that mind is an echo, it’s a memory, it’s actually fading. People outside of that hive are reconnecting to the proper mind.

J: Sometimes it’s hard for some humans like herself to live life truly authentically without fear of judgment or ridicule. What would you say to those people who are beginning to step back into their power and living life as their authentic self despite what the rest of the world are doing?

SC: We need you to go first, we need you IN your power, the others will follow. Don’t worry about what they’re doing, you focus on what you’re doing and how you want to be, how you want to feel and who you are as a human being. The people who are seeing differently are good people, they are the new leaders, some haven’t stepped fully into their role yet but they will. All the systems are crumbling, they are dying so we need new people to step up into those roles. It sounds harder than what it is but all it entails is you being you FULLY. Be brave, have courage and know you are fully supported above and below.

J: It’s almost like the first person who has the courage to stand up in a stadium full of people sitting down to start the beginning of the Mexican Wave. It takes a lot of courage to be the odd one out but there needs to be those people who stand up in the crowd in order for other people to follow that new wave of energy that’s being created.

SC: It has to be done in an authentic way too so some might yell and shout like in your Mexican Wave but others do it more subtly, quietly, they might just stand up, there is no right or wrong way, you just do it in your own unique way.

J: Therefore some people might do it with their actions whereas but other people just as their general state of being, with their emotions or their overall energy?

SC: Some people are hitting the streets protesting - which is good, we need that but it’s not for everyone. There are some like herself who sit and read a book and are anchoring the energies into the earth. She doesn’t always know she’s doing it but that’s what is happening. Then there are others who are off in the atmosphere, in the cosmic layers doing the work there. Neither one is more valid than the other, they’re all needed. The protestors help wake up the people in the 3D world, they will wake eventually, everyone is doing what they need to be doing in their own unique way. The codes are being switched on and people will KNOW what they need to do.

J: So there are people like herself who are already on their awakening journey and needn’t really have to protest as their purpose is more to anchor the energy and hold their frequency?

SC: Yes, she WANTS to protest but it is not her job. It would be wasted energy for her.

J: Are there some souls out there then that their purpose is to be something like “Warriors of Tyranny” but then there are other light workers that have their own purpose in all of those different areas?

SC: Everyone has a role, they will KNOW because they are doing it and if they are not yet doing it then it’s not far off. Something else is going to happen, not the Event but something else. Something in the 3D world. Very political. Something that has been trying to remain hidden is going to be exposed.

J: Is this more in our political world?

SC: Yes. There’s going to be quite a few things exposed in each country, in each state but they’re all of the same energy. The dark think they’ve won but they haven’t. It might APPEAR that they have but they haven’t. They’re holding on and that’s why is has got so silly here in Victoria because they’re trying desperately to hang on and it’s already tipped over. The light has already won and it’s growing.

J: What sort of things are we allowed to know about what will be exposed in the future?

SC: Corruption, lies and deceit. There are some pedofiles that are running countries around the world and in politics which will also be exposed. This has all had to happen, these people have been running around unchecked for too long and this is why she is here, that is why many are here at this time.

J: Even though on the surface it could appear to be a bit fearful or chaotic with all the changes and the corruptions coming to light, it’s also an exciting time then, a shedding of the skin in a way?

SC: Yes and when you can sit in that excitement it helps. When you sit in the excitement that’s when you’re are creating. You are creating the new. That’s why so many lightworkers are in Victoria. It’s very dark here, that’s why there are so many healers, lightworkers and star seeds.

J: I’ve noticed there has also been a lot of depression, despair and anxiousness over the past 2 years throughout Covid especially here in Victoria that the collective has been feeling.

SC: That will lift. That darkness was in the earth so the people are actually shifting the earth. It’s needed to come up and out so even though this has been very hard for so many people, it will shift for them but they’ve had to do it to help the earth and to also help themselves because a lot of people didn’t even know that the darkness existed within them. They were too busy. Now it’s OUT and it gives an opportunity for light to enter and it’s given space and for many who signed up for this, it was their role which was to help move the earth through their own anxiety and depression. Many people have separated themselves from love. The church has been brutal to some of their people so many have turned away from God but God is NOT a religion. They feel disconnected from themselves, from their communities, from each other, from God. It’s their separation that has been causing them such issues. They WILL remember and part of the Event, that part of the brain will help people to reconnect to their God Self. She is to help those people to reconnect to their God Self. She will be very busy.

J: Is there anything else she needs to know moving forward?

SC: There is more information to come for her but it’s not quite ready yet. Today will help though, she will move more into her power and be who she is meant to be. There is some other information that needs to come to her but she won’t have to go looking for it though because it will come. It is a download and she is being upgraded. She thinks she’s lazy but she’s not. The information just hasn’t been put together yet because the timing is not right, there are some more weeks of rest for her and then the information will start coming in. It’s a big role she has moving forward where she is to help a lot of people. She is not to worry about being exposed to people who are vaccinated OR who are unvaccinated - that won’t be a thing moving forward.

J: There seems to be a great wall that has been created through the media and politicians dividing people against each other during these Covid times. Will this wall fall eventually?

SC: It will. The wall will look bigger at first and it will look like the divide is getting bigger but it will fall. It’s very soon. It will feel very different, there will be work to do but it will be different. She needs to own being an intuitive healer. She doesn’t like the word healing because she thinks it takes the power away from people. She doesn’t like the word healer but it’s not about that, it’s about people being comfortable with who she is and in what she is doing. She also needs to give herself more credit for what she is doing. This is in title alone. She is a healer whether she likes it or not. She will also be teaching people how to BE powerful when others around them are perhaps not as powerful. Not in an ego way but in a really humble and a loving way.

(A Special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this with the collective)


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