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Always Wanting To Be Somewhere Else Creates Misery

My client's Higher Self showed her a past life during her hypnosis session that focused around the theme of not being happy and always wanting to be somewhere else. I'm sure we must of all felt this way at some point in our lives, those times where our body appears to be here but our mind is in another place entirely. Happiness seems to allude our grasp because we think when we get to that particular place or achieve that particular goal, find that perfect person or obtain that healthy body that then we will finally be "happy".

Your Higher Self does not bring forth a past life out of pure curiosity or entertainment value, there is a lot of behind the scenes work going on within your subconscious during a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session and there is always something we can learn from what is brought forward for us to see or remember that often needs healing or applying to our present life today.

My client looked down at her feet and found herself in a man's body, here is an excerpt of that session below.

C: I’m looking down and I’m wearing sandals with men’s feet, on my body I’m wearing loose rags type of clothing, dark wiry longish hair and I feel middle aged. I’m standing on a large wooden ship, it’s the daytime but it’s quite cold, dismal and dark, I can’t see anyone else but I know there are people around as it’s a big ship, I’m on the top level and the water is a little rough but I can see the land which is not too far away, there is big sail on it which makes it look a bit like a pirate ship and there is another level of the ship underneath me.

J: What happens on the lower level of the ship?

C: It’s old, dingy and darkish underneath and there is an old man with a beard sitting down at a table, I feel like we might be related (pauses) hmm he’s my dad but we’re not very close, we spend a lot of time travelling to different places although it doesn’t feel exciting, it feels heavy, dreary and stuck.

J: Are you sailing to anywhere in particular?

C: I can see weapons, some guns, we move goods for people, we ship cargo to different places, there are lots of big wooden crates, I don’t really know what’s in them all but my father might know. We are not moving at the moment, we have stopped somewhere not far from shore and have anchored down, it feels like we are having a short break, there are no jobs to do at the moment so it’s not very exciting, the old man drinks a lot and he doesn’t talk much.

J: What about you, do you drink?

C: I don’t like to drink, I prefer to stand on the top level and just look out - I don’t even want to be on the boat, I HAVE to work here because it’s what we do but it not what I want to do so I have to do this job and it’s all I really know.

J: Let’s move forward to an important day when something is else happening, what do you see?

C: We’re on the beach, my father had passed away, the ship is in the bay and I’ve just rowed up on a small boat to the shore, I have buried him in the sand near a grassy area and I’ve put up a cross but I think eventually the water will wash him away and he’ll end up back in the sea, I don’t feel really sad but I do feel lost like I don’t know what to do next because I only really did the work on the boat because of him and I don’t know anything else.

J: Do you have a sense of how your father died?

C: I think it was his drinking, he drank a lot and we didn’t get along or weren’t that close, he liked to drink and I didn’t so we just did our own thing and didn’t talk much to each other, it was a lonely existence.

(we move forward to another day in that life)

C: I’m outside and I can see a pretty girl, she has long blonde curly hair with a bonnet and is wearing a light blue dress with long white gloves, I’m dressed tidier too with black lace up boots, long pants and a jacket. We are friends and I get the feeling that I like her a lot even though she probably shouldn’t be friends with me as we are from different worlds.

J: How do you spend the majority of your time these days now that your father has passed?

C: I am not on the ship anymore, there is still a ship but other people run it for me so I am able to run the business without being on board, I have crew who take it out and do all the errands and I just manage it. I have a little shop where people can come and book us to take their cargo and things, I take their fees and do all the organising. It’s a little small shop with an area where we keep the cargo and people bring it in and drop it off, I have a desk with the books and a glass window at the front so I can see out to the marina, I’m much happier, I enjoy it a lot more, it’s less hands on labour and it’s not as lonely as the girl often comes into the shop to see me and I get to see a lot more people.

(we fast forward to another day in that life)

C: It’s an overcast day but not too cold, we’re outside on the grass and I can see I am getting married to the girl, there are chairs and a white arch decorated with leaves and flowers and we are both standing at the front very happy. We can see the ocean from here, it’s like a little coastal village near the water, it’s not massive wedding but there are a quite few here maybe about 30 or 40 people, she’s wearing a white dress which has a floral pattern and a train at the back and a vale but it’s not over her face.

(moving forward to another day when something is happening)

C: I see a big double story house and it’s where we live now – she comes from lots of money, I worked in my job for a long time and I ended up with a fair bit of money too which is why her family were okay with us getting married in the end.

J: She is from a wealthy family but you made your own money then?

C: Yes but I still never had as much money as she did, our house has white shutters and pale yellow painted wood and we have a little boy and girl now, I feel as though we are happy but there is a part of me that longs to feel the freedom again of being on the water and being able to just go anywhere, I do go on the ship sometimes but she doesn’t like me to, I don’t need to but I want to as I find it clears my head to be out there on the water.

(moving forward to another day when something is happening)

C: The boat ended up sinking, it got caught up in some storms, I wasn’t on it but I lost the boat and some of my crew, I’m very depressed about this, it was over turned by the waves and it just went down and my crew didn’t return, we lost the cargo too and now I owe lots of money! My wife could pay for it but it was how I made my living, I owe people money and we will have to pay it back, my wife has lots of money and it was a big blow to my ego because she paid it as we had no choice and now I feel like I’ve lost my independence.

J: That must be very difficult for you.

C: Yes it was but my wife didn’t mind.

J: Let’s move forward to the last day in that life, what is happening?

C: I’m at home in my bed, I’m a very old man, my wife is in the house looking after me, I’m sick, I’ve got white hair and a beard, coughing and dying, I’m just going to pass away in my bed, I feel so old and I’m ready to go. (soon after he finds his spirit free from the body looking down on the scene from above)

J: Now you can view that life from a higher perspective, what do you feel you learned from that experience?

C: To not take for granted what you have got while you have got it. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing - you can find happiness no matter where you are. Always wanting to be somewhere else is what creates misery so enjoying the moment is what is most important.

***A Special thank you to my client who has allowed me to share this with the collective***


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