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Awareness Is The Key To Releasing Attachments

What is an attachment? Some people feel they exist and others don't but no matter where you sit on the topic there is nothing to be fearful of. Our bodies look and feel solid but even scientists agree that when zoomed in on all matter is really just atoms of energy. Each and every human is like a walking antenna or energy field so it’s only natural our antenna from time to time might pick up on signals that are not our own, “outside interference” so to speak. We are sensitive to other people’s energy and sensitive to the environment and energies around us.

Recently I was waiting in a long supermarket queue and the man standing in front of me had extremely strong body odour. When it was his turn to move to the counter, I stepped forward into the space where he had previously been standing and despite him having left the space his odour still remained and I was now standing in it and trying my best not to breath it in. The smell here is a metaphor for an “unpleasant influence” that has now entered or being absorbed into your energy field. Whether we realise it or not we all pick up stuff that is not our own, it could be from the environment or fabric of energy that exists all around us, a place or situation, traumatic event or from another person.

When your “anti virus software” is down your energy field can be thrown out of calibration and you’re prone to picking up "outside interference" that affects your operating system. During a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session my client found herself as an observer, viewing an interaction between a couple and soon became aware one that one of them was surrounded by shadows. She discovered as easy as attachments are to pick up, the good news is they are just as easy to release. As follows is a small excerpt of that session below:

C: I’m in a giant ballroom with giant candelabras. There’s a party going on with people are dancing and there is food and drinks. I’m just an observer here, no one can see me.

J: You can learn a lot from being an observer of people. What else do you notice happening in this place?

C: There is a fairy tale atmosphere and I’m being drawn towards an interaction between a man and a woman. They are having a great time and are in love but I can see shadows though behind the man.

J: Can you tell me more about the shadows?

C: They are quite negative and they feel like they are whispering. Almost like a devil on his shoulder and they are manipulating him. It’s like he is the puppet but he doesn’t “know” he is the puppet.

J: What about the woman, what does her energy look like or feel like to you?

C: Hers looks clear and bright. The man doesn’t even know the shadows are there but underneath it it all he is just as bright as she is, it’s just that they are just squashing him down, sucking it all out of him. They try to influence him and they do that by trying to whisper in his ear.

J: What do you feel these shadowy figures are?

C: They feel like attachments but they are not scary to me, I can see them for what they are and how they are attached. It feels like if he just knew they were there, they would disappear in the same second like the gig is up! (laughs) “Oh, we’ve been busted, we better leave”. It seems simple.

J: So in order for them to leave he has to be aware they are even there?

C: Yes and as soon as his awareness is there and he sees it clearly then they’ve been found out, like hide and seek! She can see his light underneath all of that heavy darkness and that is what she is drawn to. They are both drawn to each others light but his is too heavy and he can’t deal with it and she can’t carry all of it.

J: She can still see the real him though, the light underneath all of that darkness?

C: Yes. It’s alright. (client's perspective suddenly shifts from observer) It’s not my responsibility to make him see. It’s not my job, it’s his journey otherwise it will just end up all crushing and consuming and these entities will consume both of us if we keep trying. This feels like a journey we have done before, it feels like a past life and it’s been like an akashic loop for him.

J: Could these shadowy figures someone effect the other person, the one whose energy is clear?

C: Such is the nature of these beings, they survive by feeding off the energy of other people, off the negative vibration. Energy is energy and humans often get to the negative energy much quicker than they get to the positive energy, that’s just the way of being in the 3D. If it continues it will suck her life energy as well.

J: So she needs to be mindful to protect her energy also?

C: Yes.

(I invite in the client's Higher Self to get some more perspective on this experience)

J: Why did you show her the couple in the ballroom scene and the shadow figures around the man?

HS: It’s the pattern of being able to see what’s happening and this helps it become clearer. Even though the man has the attachments and the entities are sucking his energy, he is also trying to suck the energy out of the girl to fill his own cup up to replace what’s been taken. It’s not his fault and blaming him is not the answer. If everybody could see the energies or the attachments they have hanging onto them, as soon as they could see they would disappear and they wouldn’t be in the world they are in. The trouble is that people can’t see them and quite often they have been placed on them by other people, these entities have been attached to this man not because he’s asked them to attach to him but because he’s experienced a trauma or it’s been taken on by him from somebody else. He doesn’t know any better and she doesn’t know any better but that’s okay, it’s nobody’s fault, it’s just what is.

J: How can people better protect themselves from these shadowy attachments or negative energies around them?

HS: They can just ask! Trust in your own knowledge of who you are as a person, who “know” who you are as a person! If all of a sudden things change and you don’t ask yourself why, that’s when you are going in the wrong direction. Ask yourself “why is this happening, what is the meaning, why am I feeling this way?”. Quite often we need to ask ourselves “is this even mine?” as most of the time it’s not even yours but people don’t ask, they just accept, people just accept other peoples trauma and other peoples stuff and they accept it as their own and they don’t question it. How do you know what you don’t know!

(A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this with the collective).


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