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Disappointment Can Be The Seed Of A New Beginning...

Have you ever felt really excited or motivated about something like travelling somewhere, an amazing course to study, a new relationship on the horizon or a great job or career opportunity of some sort, you put a lot of time, energy and love into nurturing it and then….well….it just doesn’t happen, it just didn’t flourish into what you hoped it would? You might look back at that moment afterward and wonder why the universe seemingly put those roadblocks in place that prevented you from ever getting lift off in that area.

Of course it’s only human to feel disappointment in those moments but eventually we will look deeper and step outside of ourselves as an observer and view things from a higher level of awareness. Perhaps it was just a temporary knockback in the divine timing of things, an opportunity to get back up and dust ourselves off, build resilience, come back stronger and try again with a renewed and wiser perspective than we had beforehand. Or on the flip side of the coin maybe it’s that we were in the process of gathering another tool in our toolbox for life and now that we have we gained a little wisdom or insight in that area the season is changing and it’s time to gather momentum and pack up our treasure chest of tools and carry them forward to the next destination as the universe is nudging us in another new and interesting direction so we can experience and expand even further. As the saying goes – with every ending comes a new beginning.

During a recent hypnosis session my client wanted me to ask her Higher Self why she missed out on an opportunity in her home country to study at the Conservatory of Music by just 1 point and why she was then guided to move all the way to the other side of the world to Melbourne. This is what her Higher Self had to share…

J: Why did she not get into the Conservatory of Music like she originally wanted to?

HS: The music is her hobby, it’s not her destination or her mission. She could do EVERYTHING but she doesn’t need to go to the College of Music. No. It would restrict or confine her to a small area. It’s just the arrangement of things and it’s not because she doesn’t have the ability to get an offer, she has the ability however she deserves to experience “different” things to achieve her mission in this life. There is no need to regret.

J: Why did she then feel guided to move to Melbourne?

HS: She matches the frequency here. It’s just like the fish belong to the ocean and the trees belong to the forest. What you are – you will appear where you are, it’s as simple as that. She is searching for more knowledge. To have more fun and enjoy the country whilst she is here. She needs to experience different cultures on this earth and in Melbourne she can see so many different people and cultures in just one place. Don’t worry, keep going - it will enrich her life.

*A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share with the collective


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