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Do You Feel Anger or Peace Living in This Chaotic World?

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t feel or express our anger about all the awful and unjust happenings in the world. We have a heart, empathy, integrity and compassion and when the opposite of that is encountered we naturally feel triggered, upset and angry.

If we were to take a moment out of the chaos and allow ourselves to step into observer mode we could more easily assess our emotional self and get a sense of how often the inner compass is aligned to its natural default mode of peace and ease.

Could the vibrational energy field we project out into the world and everyone around us have an even greater impact if we felt peace and alignment within ourselves more often than anger and frustration? Ask yourself if you're able to feel, process and transmute your anger within a short period of time and then fully let it go or does it set the tone for your day and you end up holding onto the residue of it for hours, days, weeks or even years? The extended and consistent feeling of anger and frustration is a compounding problem when we have the emotion intensely churn around within our bodies on a long term basis. Maybe we are angry at someone or something in the world that we can’t control the outcome of but what we can be more mindful and self aware of is our own reactions and how much of our energy we give to each and every situation. Anger is not a healthy fuel source of energy to feed our body and mind. The longer we sit in the residue of it the more it makes us despair at the state of humanity and the world and can even make our bodies sick as the emotion never seems to get the true release and escape it needs in order for the body to return to its natural default mode of peace and ease. On this rollercoaster planet full of extremes of the dark and light of humanity it feels like the words of Mahatma Gandhi are more relevant than ever... "You must be the change you wish to see in the world".

The big question here is can we humans be passionate about a cause or care deeply about someone or something AND be at peace within ourselves at the same time? My client wanted to explore this further in her Quantum Healing Hypnosis session and this is what her Higher Self had to share…

How can she learn to be at peace with the way the world is right now?

She’s been angry for a very long time. It’s okay to feel angry about some things but it doesn’t help. She CAN be happy. Those things that she feels angry about will still be there waiting for her but she doesn’t have to be angry all the time to feel like she cares about them. It’s possible to care AND be at peace.

How can we find joy and peace in a world that seems to be so chaotic?

Find what you value, be more of that and bring more things that you value into the world. Find logical solutions where you can and just have faith when you can’t. When your intentions are good you will help if you can but sometimes you can’t and that is okay. She could still be angry when she encounters something that needs her anger but she doesn’t need to be angry all of the time.

In the meantime how can she overcome her busy overthinking mind?

She needs to be more physically active - she gives herself too much time to think and it’s not good. It’s very overworked. She should start swimming. She has also been having trouble sleeping because she doesn’t enjoy it as she thinks too much at night. She needs sleep discipline. It’s taking her time to sleep, not making excuses, not relying on sleeping pills and not keeping herself up so she can think more.

Why does she struggle to choose a path and then commit and stick to it?

She’s scared to go down the wrong one. There’s so much to choose from and there is so much that needs to be done. She has different interests and the same values so focus more on the values. It’s not picking that is the problem, it’s staying committed to it. There is fear that finally getting down the rabbit hole might not have been worth it. She doesn’t really think it’s worth it since everything changes and why build on something that is just going to change on its own. She would feel better having more discipline within herself.

What’s her purpose in this life and what would be really fulfilling right now?

Feeling free and helping. Finding a way to help without the attachment. She needs to start making more choices for herself. Stop feeling guilty about not doing the things other people want her to do even when she knows they aren’t the right things for her. There is a lot of wasted effort and wasted energy on things and people that don’t matter.

How does she release the guilt of not being responsible for everybody else’s happiness?

To spend some time alone as she needs personal space and to be away from schedules. She will be able to find more people to talk to about the things that she is interested in. She has been feeling overwhelmed by the people around her as it’s too much and too many different opinions. It’s also very lonely because they are not the right connections for her. Do more of things you enjoy like reading, exercising, skateboarding and drama. It doesn’t feel right being that way yet because she doesn’t feel like she deserves it and that it feels childish but it’s about learning how to enjoy and see the good in life again. (A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this information)


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