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Drowning (The Afterlife Perspective Of A Young Girl)

Losing a child is one of the most gut-wrenching painful experiences a parent could ever go through. Have you ever wondered whether the spirit of the child is aware of their parent’s perspective and the profound grief they go through trying to carry on without them? During her Quantum Healing Hypnosis session my client was able to relive a life as a little girl who drowned in a swimming pool. This is her story...

It feels cool. I’m at a public pool, there is a lot of noise around. I think I’m drowning! I’m sort of going up and down in the water.

Do you feel young or old?

I’m a young girl. I should be fearful but I’m just confused. I keep seeing myself being in between the water and then above the water. The water is at the bridge of my nose. I’m not a strong swimmer. I’m going up and down.

Is there anyone else in the pool with you?

There are people around me but no one with me. My feet can’t find the bottom! My body seems panicky but I don’t FEEL panicky. (confusion) All I’m seeing is that I’m going up and down and then I don’t see anything after that.

*(The spirit of the little girl then leaves her physical body and watches the scene like an observer)*

Before you drift away can you tell me more about what just happened?

Panic. Screaming! I see a young girl, her face, she’s floating in the water. There is just screaming and panic. I feel like this is really going to hurt them. I see a male in particular. He’s my father. I feel grief for him. This is the terrible part! I feel more connected to his experience now than the young girls experience from when I saw it through her eyes. My father’s heart has sunk, he is overcome! I have never seen him like this before (emotional).

What happens next?

There is so much going on – oh what have I done? He wants to help, he looks so much smaller to me now. As soon as he saw the child it was as if a light switch has gone off….it will never be the same, something changed in him straight away. He took his eyes off me for a moment – he blames himself but there were so many other people around. He was just talking, enjoying himself, he didn’t see anything like this coming. (recognition) I have been to this pool in THIS LIFE as a child, it feels very familiar.

He took his eyes off you for a moment - how do you feel about what happened?

All that I can feel is HIM. I am just so concerned with HIS experience and seeing my dad like that. I don’t feel connected to my body anymore, I don’t know why.

What happens after they pull you out of the water?

I see him holding the child and he is just beside himself! Crying out, holding her as though this can’t be happening (emotional). He’s afraid as well. He’s afraid of having to face my mother!

Does your mother know yet?

I don’t know - when I was in the pool I had a glimmer of her being there but all I could see was him. He is feeling dread as to what she will feel, he worries he will lose them both, he knew straight away.

Was it your dads responsibility to be looking after you?

I don’t get the sense it was his SOLE responsibility because there were so many other people around but… (gently) maybe if he had of been watching what happened.

How do you feel knowing your father is feeling all of those thoughts and emotions?

I just feel really sad that he is feeling all of that. I don’t know how to process it – I have never seen him like this. It’s a little bit frightening, I feel unsettled. I’m too small for this.

Leave that scene and move away until there is something else important happening…

I don’t think I CAN leave (confused). I just see him, he doesn’t have anywhere to put it - he doesn’t know what to do with the grief, it’s bigger than him. He’s losing himself in the grief. I feel like I can’t leave him – he’s in SO much pain!

Are you able to connect to the perspective of your mother or would you be able to feel what she is going through?

She’s in a daze. She feels resentful because she has to do everything because he has fallen apart. She’s angry. I see her screaming at him. I want to show her that I’M HERE (whispers). I love her but I was his little girl, I was HIS little chicken. I want to help her because she feels this hatred toward him. I just got the sense that she loves the child but a part of him that used to be for her was given to the child when she was born. She always felt as though when her daughter was born a part of his love for her was taken away. Now there is nothing, nothing left at all.

Is there anything you can do to help your father or your mother from spirit?

Not my mother – she is too far away, she wouldn’t hear me anyway. With my father I just want to help him to feel all the love again, he needs to FEEL my love.

You want him to feel your love?

He’s crying out for it. I just want to hop on his lap and snuggle up and cuddle him. I want him to know that I didn’t feel any pain. I don’t feel sad I’m not there anymore, I just feel sad because I don’t want him to hurt anymore!

Why don’t you feel sad that you’re not there anymore?

I don’t know, I just don’t feel connected. I wasn’t there for me - I was there for him. He can’t get past the grief. He doesn’t feel like he can survive it, he doesn’t feel like there is anything else for him in the world. He doesn’t want to die but maybe he needs to find the mother again. They need to find each other again. He needs to love her more now than ever. He needs to be strong for her. She screams but she needs to scream.

Is there anything else you want to observe before you drift away from your parents?

No. I just want to feel him again but he is not here at the moment and there is nothing I can do about it. It’s not up to me anymore.

Was this passing an accident or was it part of your soul plan to leave your family so young?

I don’t feel connected to it. It’s more to do with him. He has more to do. I wish I could tell him that we will see each other again. We will.

What would you hope for your father’s journey moving forward?

I want him to get to me sooner so I want him to do the best that he can to heal. I feel like the longer he stays like this the longer we will be apart.

Will you be able to connect with him more easily when he isn’t feeling so lost in emotion?

I think he will be able to connect with himself. I won’t be able to find him if he stays in grief. He’s not my father or my dad when the grief is there, he needs to get back to being who he is so I can find him again, so I know it’s him. I want to tell him that there is happiness. He won’t believe it but there will be happiness. It won’t be the same…but it will be enough.

(A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this with the collective).


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