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Falling Before The Finish Line

Have you ever started a new project or something you are passionate about achieving and jumped in whole heartedly with all the motivation and energy in the world only to wake up one day and have lost your Mojo? You find yourself swimming around in a sea of stagnancy desperately waiting for the currents of enthusiasm and inspiration to return to you. It doesn’t help your self-esteem either if your thoughts turn negative and say to you “Why can’t I ever finish anything?”. It’s a frustrating catch-22 because you KNOW you are still interested in your goal, you still believe in it, you can really envision achieving it but for some reason your physical and mental energy has just fizzled down to zero.

I had a client who was experiencing this exact same situation in his life with some projects he was working on with gusto only to find himself stumbling before the finish line because his energy was too depleted to get there. As follows is a small excerpt from my clients Higher Self during his hypnosis session about the subject and it really resonated with me because we have all been there at one time or another in our life when we are working toward something important only to expend too much energy straight out of the starting line and run out of steam entirely rather than mindfully pacing ourselves as we go.

J: When it comes to him taking on new projects that he is passionate about - what is it that stops him when he’s almost at the finish line as his energy seems to fizzle out near the end?

HS: It’s like a chicken and the egg - they feed off each other. He works too hard until he is exhausted and then when he falls he does very little. The reason he works like that is because he’s afraid and he feels desperately like proving himself, he feels desperately like getting to the finish line and he feels desperately like finishing life because it stresses him out and that’s not conducive to what he wants to build.

J: What should he do then when he finds himself running out of motivation?

HS: Do what you love but love what you do as well. Don’t expect it to always supply you with the energy and the inspiration. When he feels tired or lost or fizzled out, don’t stop completely just reduce largely! He is working 12 to 13 hours a day – just work 1 or 2 hours instead of going from 12 to 13 hours all the way down to NOTHING because it’s clunky and it slows down his momentum.

(A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this with the collective).


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