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Finding NOW In The Fog Of Somewhere Else

Have you ever sat with another person and realised afterward you were never fully present in that moment? Or you went for a walk on a beautiful day and instead of taking in the scenery, enjoying the freshness and vitality of the air, the sound of the bird song and feeling the aliveness of the life force energy around you only to then find your mind drifting off into a distracted or worrisome place? We can all lose ourselves in busy thoughts or technology rather than bringing our awareness to where we are in this moment of NOW.

Just because we are somewhere physically in our body doesn’t always mean we are “fully there”.

Life needn’t be as busy or stressful as we make it in our head when we are mindful enough to allow our human self to be truly be “at ease”, or to “be there”. Nothing seems so serious anymore when we are present in the moment of NOW as the weight of yesterday or tomorrow or the next hour ahead does not weigh so heavily on us.

One day the people we love and cherish will leave this earth and all the richness of the experiences of our life’s journey will be a distant memory and we might then fully appreciate what we missed in those moments where the “lights were on but nobody was home”.


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