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From Observer To Human For The First Time

I recently facilitated a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session for a client where she found herself floating about as an observer or energy being where she was watching people go about their daily lives on planet earth. They couldn’t see her but she could see them. She was quite fascinated about their emotions and reactions to things and although she couldn’t physically help them through their difficulties she could still assist by influence or what she called “whispers”. If the human was receptive enough they would feel a presence or pick up on an intuitive whisper into their heart or mind guiding or nudging them in a better direction.

After spending a long time observing the people of planet earth she found herself in the metaphysical realm where she was in a place that felt like a “Temple of Learning” this is where our story begins below….where observing just wasn’t enough anymore, it was time to jump in the deep end and become a human herself.

What’s happening now?

I feel like I’m in a big building – it’s really big! It’s got an oval ceiling and it’s made from marble or something that’s a rock like texture. It’s very bright and a really good energy in here. There are many other people around, I can’t see them but I can feel them. It’s kind of a temple, but not a temple like on earth. It’s a place where people can come to gather and learn. This is not on earth, it’s sort of floating, this place exists in a different dimension.

How do you perceive yourself when you exist there inside this building?

I can have a body if I want or I can exist as invisible but if I want to then I can have a body. I love the books - well not the books as such but there is knowledge here that I can learn here and I just love the knowledge! This place gives me so much comfort. I can use the knowledge to improve myself however knowledge itself is not enough as I need to put it into practice.

It’s not enough just to learn the knowledge – it’s about putting it into practice as well?

Yes. You need the knowledge first but the more I get access to it the more I can understand everything deeper. I want to evolve, I feel like this place is full of love but then I am so used to it – I need to FEEL the contrast so I can evolve the love to become bigger. I need to really understand the love deeply. I know about the contrast in knowledge but I have not “experienced it, so I don’t know what it feels like.

You could stay there forever learning all of this knowledge but at some stage you finally have to put it into practice?

I feel like I’m helping a lot of people in their experiences throughout the contrast in their human lives but I have only been observing that, not experiencing it myself. I’m a bit afraid to experience it so that’s why I need to learn more first. Observing others has helped a lot but I still feel the lack and I understand it’s not enough without experiencing it. Observing is not enough anymore!

Up until now when you have been observing people go about the contrast and challenges of their earthly lives is there anything you have been able to do to help them or is that something that they have to do on their own?

I try to help them when they are facing their challenges – they think it is their own thought but then it’s sometimes me talking to them instead. I just whisper into their ear and then the thought comes into their mind briefly and they just brush it away, they think it is not possible as they are too immersed into their own thoughts so not all of the time I am able to help. Sometimes a person will take notice but often they don’t act upon it as they still live by their own belief instead of living the other way. They think everything is limited when they are facing challenges and even though I try to help them, the thought appears into their life briefly and they will think “oh, I will find a way out” but when they face the reality of the challenge they will quickly forget it. They may pick up on my whisper but not straight away because they still get immersed into their own thoughts and it takes some time for it to sink into their mind to be exact and then they will have to think about it, ponder on it again and again and that’s when it will help them.

Why would you ever want to leave a place like that, somewhere so comforting, loving and full of knowledge and go to a place of contrast like planet earth for example?

After a while it gets boring. I like to help people and I want to evolve myself as well. By just helping and observing I can learn A LOT but not enough – I need to go and experience myself. It’s scary to leave this place but I guess not evolving is scarier!

The contrast of planet earth could be scary but it seems the evolving part is much more important to you then?

If I stayed here I would come to a stop, I have been in this place for a long time and I have been helping a lot of people but then it comes to the moment when I actually need to do it myself. I say scary in human words but in this space you don’t really feel scared – it’s more the feeling of “not being ready”, like I need to learn more and I haven’t evolved so I need to learn fast to be ready for a life on earth!

What sort of knowledge could you learn in this Temple now that could help prepare you for a life on planet earth?

Lives of other people on earth - of all the people who have ever lived, I study them, to know them and then I can construct the life I want to experience that will fulfill my purpose of evolving. The lives are all recorded here – if you want to get access to any one life it’s here! Every life is has different settings and different lessons and I want to discover what I can plan for my next life to suit me best.

How do you go about that – preparing for your human life?

I’m not sure yet, I am still not sure to do and what will be best for me. I can feel there is a higher up figure to help me with my planning but also at the same time I only come to him when I am confused otherwise I just plan it myself. Emotions are something that I want to learn about – in this place I exist in love but after a while love is just like the air you breath in. For humans to live in this love it would be extraordinary but when I live here for a long time it feels like air and it’s something that I am so used to. There is all kinds of human emotion that I have observed on earth but I don’t understand them - it’s too complicated.

It must be one thing to observe human emotion but to fully experience it yourself would be a whole new experience for you!

Yes and I see why it’s so hard for people when I observe their life, why it’s so hard to live, they all seem to struggle and that is why I want to experience it once to see what it FEELS like.

Have you ever been human before?

Probably not – I don’t think so, I am in my first life.

So you’re evolved in other ways – just not so much in the human sense?

I’m curious about being human. If people are on earth so many times they become quite eager to go back again and again to finish their missions and their lessons. Whereas some people after they experience life on earth for a long time they need a break, a rest before going back down and others after experiencing trauma such as being killed in a horrible way they also need a break before going down there again. It depends but then you do not want to be in this temple of knowledge for so long because you stop evolving.

Is planet earth the only place for you to evolve on or are their other places you can go to if you want?

Yes there are other places as well, you can go to other planets with different experiences. Each planet is like a different game setting where you can experience different things.

What is the attraction to planet earth or being human for you?

It’s hard. The emotions are very complicated, I have observed it for so long and I got curious. It looks very hard but I don’t truly understand why it’s hard so I want to experience it myself, I think I can learn a lot there, to re-find myself, to complete and evolve myself. Evolving is like part of nature, things NEED to evolve because after a while everything just becomes “normal” and then you need to CHANGE to evolve again. It’s like the law of the universe – things are always evolving and I’m part of that! There is nothing forcing me to evolve, it just feels so natural that I have to. I want to know more about love, I want to expand love, it’s like I breath in the air of love here for so long and I can’t feel the air anymore so I want to know it by going down to planet earth to learn about the contrast to understand love in a different tone, a different way. Without the contrast you won’t understand the true meaning of love.

Do you know that at this present moment there is a little fragment of your energy incarnated on planet earth in the human body? What is her purpose and mission on planet earth at this very moment?

In regards to all the challenges that she faces, she still needs to learn from life, to live in joy, love herself more and that is her purpose. She gets so immersed into the physical world that she forgets who she really is. She is full of love and her purpose is just to recognise that once again - through the contrast. Not to dim her light whilst living in the contrast, she needs to open her heart and love her life more.

Why is the contrast part of the experience so important as we humans don’t always like the hard parts?

If life just goes smoothly then everything “good” becomes “normal”. Even if you live in love you won’t feel it - only with the contrast you can realise the opposite of it, without it you won’t feel what good truly is. That is why all the challenge of the contrast is very important to human life. She needs to go through life, accept the challenge and find herself within it, explore the love that she has inside, find love inside of herself. Now she needs to put everything into practice, no more observing.

She’s often felt fear and anxiety in this human life – where is that really originating from?

It’s her first life here so she is just not used to the emotion feelings and that is why she feels deeply her own emotion and other people’s emotions but then that is just human and that is what she wanted to experience anyway. The opposite of fear is love – she just needs to find on focus on the opposite of that.

Could immersing herself more in the love and joy and playfulness help transmute some of that fear and anxiety?

Yes, it’s not easy but she is doing okay. She has always been helping other people, she has A LOT of knowledge and it’s not always obvious to her, it’s subtle and she isn’t aware of it.

She said she doesn’t always feel motivated in this life – why is that?

Her emotions are too overwhelming, she doesn’t know how to deal with her emotion properly so when she wants to do something all her emotions bubble up and she doesn’t know how to deal with it and that gives her confusion and she feels so tired from it and a lack of motivation from all the confusion. Even things like excitement can also confuse her as she is not used to strong emotions. She needs to meditate more - every day to calm herself down. The emotions will subside once she meditates and connects to the other side. She does it very well but she is sometimes too lazy to meditate.

The regular meditation could be like recalibrating the internal compass back to north again?

Yes, it’s like the reset button and when she meditates and connects to the other side she can clear out all the bad energy inside of her and restart again. She feels like she doesn’t have enough knowledge to deal with this life and she wants to go back to the temple and study more and that’s where her feeling of “longing” comes from. She loves learning and wants to evolve so the feeling of longing is because she wants to return here and study a bit more so she can go to planet earth again and experience this life in a better way. She comes back here every night when she sleeps but she doesn’t know it and the feeling of love here is stronger and that makes the contrast so much clearer and when she wakes up in her human life and she feels the contrast deeply and that is why she feels the sense of “longing”. She needs to explore herself further. The contrast helps her and she needs to appreciate it, she wanted to experience it so don’t try to control it, let it be the way it should be, to flow the way it should flow and she will be okay.

Will it start to feel more natural for her?

She needs to feel the love and find love throughout all of her challenges in this life. She can be anything she wants to be – there is no limit for her. She observed many lives of the past and she learned so well so she can be anything she wants to be. Explore the purpose of your life, find love, understand it, study it, her career is a tool for her to figure out her purpose and to explore and figure out what she needs to learn here so it doesn’t matter what she does.

She said often when she starts thinking about starting a new career or something new that she gets sick, why is that?

She gets scared, it’s the strong emotions and she doesn’t want to face the challenge that comes with studying a new thing, she doesn’t know how to cope with it and she’d rather be sick than have to deal with all the emotion that comes along with it because it’s too overwhelming for her. All the unknown! She is so used to being in control because on the other side whatever she wants she can have it whereas on this earth it’s not that easy. She is not used to the feeling of being in the uncertainty of the unknown and all of that creates the fearful emotions and she doesn’t want to feel that and the then the body chooses to be sick. Being sick is easier for her but if she lets go of control then everything will flow more naturally, everything will be okay and she can do anything that she wants.

Is there anything else she needs to know about why she keeps getting illness after illness?

It’s part of trust. Through illness she learns about love and loving herself, it’s part of the challenge, she set it up. There is nothing wrong with it, appreciate the illness because without it she cannot learn.

Now that the deeper meaning behind the illnesses is understood maybe there is no longer a need for some of these symptoms because I know the Higher Self is capable of healing anything…

Once she realises the illness is part of the challenge that she can learn from then she can be healed. She can love her body just the way it is, it’s a tool for her to learn no matter what the tool looks like or feels like. Love has no boundary regardless of the certain condition one has. She needs to learn more about unconditional love, the illness of her body and to still love it just the way it is. I can help her release some of the fear that she has. The symptoms are part of the lesson, once she has learned the lesson it will be gone.

*A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this with the collective


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