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Not Fitting In With Other People

Have your ever felt like the black sheep, the horse of a different colour or generally a fish out of water when it comes to fitting in with other people? My client felt the same way which was getting her down and making her feel alone and out of place in this world so during her Quantum Healing Hypnosis session we asked her Higher Self about it and this the insight it had to give us below.

J: She feels like a misfit in this life and that it’s difficult to make friends, why is it so hard to fit in with people?

C: Sometimes you have all these candles in a room, a whole row of them and one is burning really brightly. They are all putting out light and spreading the light but it’s just that some candles burn differently to others even though they are all candles. It’s like one light will say “I don’t need that big light to shine on me” and then somebody else would say “I only want a little light too”, so we are all these lights, all these candles but some have lots of light and some have a little and some want to be together and some don’t want to be together.

J: Are you saying that some candles resonate with other candles who hold the same amount of light as them?

C: Yes. They are all the same light, all there to shine the light but just different. They “see” a light like I “see” a light but they say her light is too bright. I want to be with the candles that are really bright. It’s like saying to one candle – will you come and be with me? The other candle says “no, you are too bright for me today, I only want a little bit of light so I don’t want to be together”. They can still love each other though.

J: So it’s not as though they dislike each other?

C: No but they just NEED to be with the other candles that are like them, no lesser, no better, no worse, just candles and lights that are burning the same.

J: Is it important to be connecting with more like minded people like herself?

C: It’s already happening. In the humanness that’s here on this earth it’s a limited perception that if it’s not happening here in the physical then it’s not happening at all but it IS happening all of the time whether you are walking around with your eyes open or laying in bed with your eyes closed you still go to those lights. When those lights aren’t together in this plane we call the earth, we wonder “why aren’t I with more lights?” It’s beautiful when I go to the place with more lights, when I go “there” it's so beautiful (she was referring to her spirit world home she visited earlier on in her hypnosis session).

J: Well what can she do when she is feeling excluded from people whose lights are burning different to hers then?

C: Don’t put the light out. Shine the light. Remember that with loving herself more she will change, it’s like going to a playground and there are all these children there, she is wanting to play with all the children but she says to herself “why would anyone want to play with me because I don’t like me and I’m not a very nice person”. The children hear what you are saying even though you are not saying it out loud - they CAN hear you, they can hear your thoughts!

J: They can tune into her thoughts?

C: Yes and then they think why would we play with her because she doesn’t feel like she fits in here. When she realises she is just like us and it’s fun to play and laugh and just be, then everybody will play together. How can we love her if she doesn’t love herself? She says I want to play but doesn’t send the message out that it’s what she wants to do.

J: Therefore it’s important to think and feel nice things about herself so that is being sent out in her thoughts?

C: We think that we were given this voice and that’s the only way we communicate. We think I’ll say “can I play with you” but the voice doesn’t really speak those words, it thinks “I guess you really don’t want to play with me because I’m not pretty enough or popular enough”. The “voice” that says that doesn’t get heard because it’s the voice coming from the “mind” that everybody hears and then you wonder why nobody wants to play.

*A special thank you to my client who has allowed me to share this information*


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